Current Research Projects

Research undertaken at College of the North Atlantic is in a variety of disciplines and ranges from short term projects to multi-year endeavors.

Externally Funded

NSERC Industrial Research Chair for Colleges in Applied Mineralogy
Gary Thompson
Multi stream research activities focusing on new process development and technology innovations in applied mineralogy, specifically dealing with the issues and challenges encountered by Vale NL.

Study of Sulphide Veins at Voisey’s Bay as an effective Exploration-Vectoring Tool
Gary Thompson
A two year research study to characterize a variety of newly discovered sulphide mineral occurrences, mainly veins, in the country rock surrounding the Voisey’s Bay ore bodies.

Wave Powered Pump – Phase II
Michael Graham
Using a refined mathematical model of pump action under renewed set of observations, this NSERC IE project aims at building a modified prototype of wave pump for feeding sea water to a cascaded poly-culture set up. It also performs an economic analysis on the commercialization of the technology.

Applied Entomology Lab
Barry Hicks
Investigate applied approaches to entomological issues arising in NL and impacting the environment of the Island in particular.

Completion Design Review-Offshore Well
John O’Leary & Mike Marsh
An offshore well completion design to review and to conduct efficiency assessment. . A typical job preparation program, involving Halliburton’s QA/QC checks on the sub-assemblies will be run and tested.

Buoyancy Module Repair & Certification
John O’Leary & Mike Marsh
To investigate the current products & market opportunities and identify requirements pre-requisite to expanding service offerings by Pennecon Energy Grand Banks Warehousing, including buoyancy module repair and certification.

Process Capability Assessment and Development of a related growth Strategy
John O’Leary & Mike Marsh
This project involves a needs assessment of local companies with a view to identifying and determining the viability of additional service offerings by Geotech Services Inc., such as Petrographic Thin Section preparation, Profile Permeametry and other analytical methods.

Quality, Health, Safety, Security and Environment Program Enhancement
John O’Leary & Mike Marsh
To assist the Quality Manager and QHSE Co-ordinator at Atlantic Inspection Services Inc. to help ensure that these programs meet the minimum qualifications required to compete in the petroleum sector both locally and globally.

Prototype Production Process Design for a High Voltage Epoxy Insulator
John O’Leary & Mike Marsh
To lay the foundation for Power HV Inc. production of a full scale prototype of an innovative new high voltage insulator design composed of an epoxy material. 

Prototype Specification for Robotic Cookie Cutting System
John O’Leary & Mike Marsh
This project assists Goulding’s Wholesale Ltd. In the production of a full scale prototype of an innovative new system for robotic controlled cutting of cookies at Chatman’s Bakery.

Dispensing Mechanisms for Stop Smoking Program
Randal Power 
This project aims at developing Dispensing Mechanisms and related parts for SNM Global Technologies Inc. Stop Smoking product. The final result should be a manufacturing friendly device that makes dispensing of cigarettes less simple and straightforward, without damaging the cigarettes.

QUDOS, Quantum Dot Optical Superrandice, Broadband Amplifiers, Lasers and Laser Cooling
Gurinder Kaur
Gurinder Kaur, the Co-investigator on this project works with Principal investigator Raman Kashyap from La Corporation de L'Ecole Polytechnique in Montreal, Quebec.

Soil Gas Exploration for Hydrocarbon and Mineral Deposits in Newfoundland and Labrador
Gary Thompson
This project involves the acquisition and analysis of soil samples from the Deer Lake and/or the Bay St. George Basins.

Laminated Cabinet Production Design
John O’Leary
This project is to assist with the design and analysis of the plant layout for the laminated cabinet production process once it is moved to this second facility.

Lean Camera Design
John O’Leary
Development of a spreadsheet driven parametric modeling utility for SolidWorks based on this step-by-step method.

Refining an Injection Mold Process
John O’Leary
The primary goal of the project is to finalize the design of an injection molding operation that will enable cost effective high quality production of this proprietary product.

Apple Flip Semi-automated Operation Development
John O’Leary
This project focuses on the development of an innovative new operation for producing Apple flips. The primary goal of the project is to finalize the development of a molding machine that allows for improved ergonomics, increased production throughput, and improved quality of the traditionally manually produced apple flip product.