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Message from CNASU Vice-President

On behalf of the College of the North Atlantic Student Union (CNASU) we welcome you to CNA! The provincial Student Union is composed of Student Representative Council (SRC) presidents from each campus council or designate who represent the student voice at CNA. From new students, to returning ones, I hope CNA will bring you a wonderful and innovative school year.
We hope that the 2017-2018 school year will be filled with new friends, knowledge, and most of all new memories. To make this experience come to life the CNASU and each of the campus SRCs work hard to become a part of your experience while at CNA. To establish that, we represent and promote student interests by having students become involved with the Student Representative Council, as well as other groups such as the Canadian Federation of Students (CFS). Their main goal is to advocate student rights and other concerns among all post-secondary institutions across Canada.
If being a part of the SRC at your campus holds exciting opportunities for you please go see your campus Student Development Officer (SDO) for a possible position. The SRC is an amazing experience and a great way to connect and show pride for your campus. Each campus will host a variety of different events every year like Christmas dinners, Winter Carnival days, and fundraisers. For example at my campus in Corner Brook we had a fundraiser to help raise money for SPCA, and participated in the Janeway Pajama day to raise money for the Janeway- such great causes!
Get involved and again we welcome you and hope you have an amazing year at CNA!
Madison Greening
Vice President, CNASU 2016-2017

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Students are welcomed to the campus and given an overview of the academic advising process, are assigned to their academic advisors, given a tour of the campus, and are assisted through the program registration process.