Application Process

The College of the North Atlantic has implemented an on-line application process. 
Applicants applying for job openings with the College should follow the process below:

  1. If you are applying as an external candidate, you must register before you can apply to positions.  You only need to register once

  2. From the detailed job posting (or postings) for which you are interested, click the "Apply Now" button

  3. On the next page, select the resume option.  If you are returning after applying you will see "Use Existing Resume" along with "New Resume".   You must include a resume with your application

  4. Applicants are required to answer all questions in the "Application Questionnaire" section.  To locate the questionnaire after entering your resume, you must click the "Next" button.   When complete, click the "Next" button (located at the top and bottom of the page)

  5. When you have completed your application and are ready to submit it for consideration, click "Submit Application".  You will receive a submission message that you need to agree to in order to be considered.  If you do not see this message, your application has not been submitted and will not be considered

  6. You will also receive an email acknowledgement that your application has been submitted. Communications will be primarily through email; you will receive updates throughout the process
You can save your application as a draft at any time by clicking on the "Save for Later" button. If you save your partially completed application, you will still be able to edit your information prior to submitting it.

Click on your draft application from the Applications link in the My Career Tools area to finalize and submit it.

**If the posting has a deadline date, make sure not to let the job posting expire before submitting your application.

To attach a cover letter:

  1. After creating a cover letter in your word processing program, save the document to your computer.

  2. Go to the My Career Tools section and click Cover Letters and Attachments.

  3. Click on Add Attachment.

  4. Select the type of attachment and name the document, then click Add Attachment

  5. Click "Browse" and select the appropriate document, and click on Upload.

  6. Your cover letter is now part of your general profile and will be available for review with all positions you apply for.

  7. You may also include a cover letter as the first page of your resume in your resume word document.