FW1601 - Field Placement II

During this second supervised field placement students will continue to link theory to practice, participating fully and assisting with all aspects of the program. It is expected that confidence and competence is increasing in interacting with and guiding children's behaviour, and working with staff, families and community members. Students will begin to add developmentally appropriate materials to the learning environment to support children's play, and will plan and implement a variety of developmentally appropriate activities for individual and groups of children. The importance of an inclusive, child-centred, active learning approach will be reinforced. Please note that time will be spent in the College's demonstration child care centre as part of the series of block placements. Opportunities to work with a variety of age groups across the series of field placement courses will be provided where possible.

Prerequisite(s): EE1180, EE1340, EE1420, EE1340, EE1290, EE1600

Corequisite(s): EE1181*, FH1360*, EE1421*, EE1360* These courses may have been completed as prerequisites

This course is offered in the following programs:
Early Childhood Education