MA1670 - Statistics

This course introduces students to the basic principles of probability and statistics, and the decisions that can be made using statistics. In this course the student will explore descriptive statistics, elementary probability, discrete and continuous probability distributions, sampling distributions, hypothesis testing, chi-square distribution, analysis of variance, linear regression and correlation, and multiple linear regression. The student will have the opportunity to apply and interpret the results of a variety of statistical techniques from both descriptive and inferential statistics; to apply the fundamental concepts in statistics including sampling, experimentation, variability, distribution, association, causation, estimation, confidence, hypothesis testing, and significance; to critically review and analyze statistical arguments found in the popular press and in scholarly journals; and to appreciate the relevance and importance of statistics.

This course is offered in the following programs:
Business Administration (Accounting)
Business Administration (General)
Business Administration (Human Resource Management)
Business Management (Accounting)
Business Management (Human Resource Management)
Business Management (Marketing)
Electrical Engineering Technology (Power & Controls) Co-op
Environmental Engineering Technology (Co-op)
Fish and Wildlife Technician
Forest Resources Technician
Mechanical Engineering Technology (Manufacturing) Co-op
Medical Laboratory Sciences
Medical Radiography
Petroleum Engineering Technology (Co-op)