PH1131 - Physics II

Transferable to MUN Physics 1051. Physics II is a Calculus-based Physics course. This course is integrated with the use of computers in a workshop environment. Computers will be used to collect and analyze data on simple physical systems. Physics 1130 (Physics I) introduces mechanics. This course focuses on oscillation, wave motion, physical optics, electricity, and magnetism. This course further develops the processes of logical reasoning and critical thinking as applied to Physics in particular, and Science, in general. Physics II is a college credit course which may be used as a transfer credit course in Physics in a Memorial University degree program.

Prerequisite(s): PH1130 (MUN Physics 1050) or PH1120 (MUN Physics 1020) with a minimum grade of 65%, and MA1131 (MUN Mathematics 1001). MA1131 (MUN Mathematics 1001) may be taken concurrently.

Corequisite(s): MA1131 (MUN Mathematics 1001), which may be taken concurrently.

This course is offered in the following programs:
Comprehensive Arts & Science (CAS) Transfer: College-University