PR2781 - Capstone Project II

The capstone project enables the student completing a Diploma in the Process Operations Engineering Technology program to demonstrate the application of skills and knowledge developed throughout the program. Students taking this course will work with minimal supervision on a project, under the guidance of a faculty member. The student can work independently or in teams of two to carry out an in-depth study of a problem, design or technical application, and fully document and present their findings. Larger teams may be permitted depending upon project scope.
Students can commence planning for the course prior to the beginning of the final year of studies. Since the project and report are to be prepared through independent study, the assigned hours represent only part of the time that students are expected to allocate to the course. Regular meetings with a faculty supervisor will be scheduled within the assigned hours and it is mandatory that students attend these meetings.
This course will be delivered to the students by a technical instructor in collaboration with a communications instructor.

Prerequisite(s): PR2780 - Capstone Project I (Seminar) and all courses in previous academic semesters

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