Alumni Profiles - Portraits of Success

Many alumni have shared their profiles to demonstrate College of the North Atlantic pride. Click each photo to read more from CNA alumni.
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Trip of a lifetime (Kyle Sampson, Jennifer Whelan, Carl Perham, Sarah Pope)
Where are they now? Megan Tucker, Paul Clancy and Dana Noseworthy
Corey Hudson - Civil Engineering Technology
Elaine Tarrant - Business Administration
Martin Flynn - Adventure Tourism-Outdoor Recreation
Edward Mishaud - Journalism
Melissa Dwyer - Journalism
Matt Evans - Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Technology (AMET)
Bora Mahano - Community Studies
Nicole Preston - Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technician
Chrissie Kerr - Graphic Artist
Gordon Marshall - Electronics Engineering Technology
Jaclyn Humphries - Textiles
Ryan Crocker - Journalism
Dwayne Stratton - Hospitality Tourism Management
Kimberly Walters - Early Childhood Education
Kayla LaSaga - Digital Animation
Sheldon Keefe - Process Operator
Erin Power - Welder
Bruce Peddle - Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Technician
Maurice Holloway - Aircraft Maintenance Engineering
John Herlidan - Metal and Paint
Arlene Michelin - Automotive Service Technician
Terry Power - Business Administration
Justin Bennett - Cabinetmaker
Roston Gordon - Environmental Technology
Yolande Modica - Cook and Baker
Curtis Francis - Computer Systems and Networking
Joanne Walsh - Early Childhood Education
Kenneth Slaney - Civil Engineering Technology
Bernie Head - Nursing Assistant program
Janine Collins - Trades
Chanda Jordan - Office Administration: Executive
Derek Roberts - Steam / Pipefitting
Bob Dwyer - Aircraft Maintenance Engineering
Peter Rogers - Computer Support Specialist
Crystal Sheehan - Small Business Entrepreneur
Andrea Milley - Community Studies
Lynda Burt - Business Administration
Gina MacArthur - Journalism
Stephen Warren - Comprehensive Arts and Science
Kevin Kendall - Visual Arts
Kayla Brophy - Office Administration – Executive
Krista Koerner - Business Management Accounting
Melissa Skinner - Office Administration – Executive
Sandra Batt - Office Administration Executive
Brent Slade - Business and Computer Studies
David Barnes - Hospitality Tourism
Meagan Musseau - Visual Arts
Denise Avery - Journalism
Pam Sullivan - Multimedia Communications
Rhonda Carroll - Word Processing Equipment Operator I
Michelle Churchill (Wall) - Graphic Design
Angela Hardy - Visual Fine Arts
Carla Cooper - Community Studies
April Flynn - Office Administration - Executive
Andrew Hibbitts - Business Administration
Jean Ann Rioux - Office Administration
Ed Neary - Applied Business Information Technology
Andrea Babb - Knitwear Designer
Henry Parsons- Electrical Engineering Technology

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