The purpose of this policy is to ensure that students have access to an appeal mechanism for decisions or rulings of a purely academic nature. The policy is  not intended to address any non-academic or quasi- academic matters of a disciplinary nature.
It is the policy of the College that all registered students of the College have the right to appeal decisions or rulings that affect them and which pertain specifically to academic matters.
The Senior Vice-President of Academic and Student Services shall ensure that procedures are developed and implemented in accordance with this policy.

1.0 Academic Disputes
Instructors, faculty advisors, and program coordinators, in full adherence to current  policies and regulations, shall extend every effort to resolve students’ academic disputes.
2.0 Formal Appeal
If a dispute cannot be informally resolved to the satisfaction of the student, the student shall consult with a Learner Services representative, who shall advise and assist the student in the preparation of their formal appeal.
The formal appeal shall be in writing and signed by the student. The formal appeal must be presented to the student’s Campus Administrator within 10 calendar days from the date the student becomes aware of the matter giving rise to the complaint the student intends to appeal.
3.0 Campus Appeals Committee
Within 24 hours (of normal business operations) of receipt of the letter of appeal, the Campus Administrator shall establish a Campus Appeals Committee consisting of a Campus Administrator (or designate), who will act as Chairperson, the Registrar (or designate), one Student Services representative, one student representative, and one faculty representative from a department other than a department under appeal. Alternate Student Services, student, and faculty representatives may be appointed in the event their respective representative is unavailable or unable to participate in a particular meeting.
The Campus Appeals Committee shall meet within 48  hours  of  being  notified  of  the  appeal  at those times and in those places as the Appeals Committee Chairperson deems appropriate.
The decision of the Campus Appeals Committee will be final and shall be conveyed, in writing, to the student with a copy to the Senior VP of Academic and Student Services, the Manager of Student Recruitment and Enrollment Services and the Campus Administrator within 48 hours after the appeal is heard.