The purpose of this policy is to ensure that students have access to an appeal mechanism for decisions  or rulings of a non-academic or quasi-academic nature. More specifically, this policy shall govern the appeal of decisions or rulings emanating from  an alleged violation of the Student Code of Conduct (SS-201) and/or the imposition of a sanction identified in the Student Discipline Policy (SS-202). This policy is not intended to address appeals of purely academic matters.
It is the policy of the College that all current and formerly registered students of the College have the right to appeal decisions or rulings that affect them and which pertain specifically to non-academic matters.
The Senior Vice-President of Academic and Student Services shall ensure that procedures are developed and implemented in accordance with this policy.
 1.0 Non-Academic Student Disputes
All College employees, in full adherence with current policies and regulations, shall extend every effort to resolve students’ disputes informally. If a dispute cannot be informally resolved to the satisfaction of the student, the student may consult with a Learner Services representative, who shall advise and assist the student in the preparation of their formal appeal.
2.0 Formal Appeal
The formal appeal shall be in writing and signed by the student. The formal appeal must be presented to the Senior Vice President of Academic and Student Services within five (5) business days of the date of receipt of the decision or ruling the student intends to appeal.
The Senior VP or designate shall be entitled to interview such persons, as he/ she deems necessary for the investigation of the appeal and shall give his/her decision in writing to the student within ten (10) business days of receipt of the formal appeal.
3.0 Arbitration
Within ten (10) business days of receipt of the Senior VP’s decision, the student may notify the Senior VP in writing of his/her desire to submit the formal appeal to arbitration. The student shall, in such notice, indicate whether he/she wishes to have the dispute heard by a single Appeals Adjudicator or by a three (3) person Appeals Panel.

In the absence of an indicated preference, the student shall be deemed to have selected an Appeals Panel.
4.0 Appeals Adjudicator/Panel
The Senior VP shall, within ten (10) business days after receipt of said notice, appoint an Appeals Adjudicator or an Appeals Panel, as requested, and notify the student of the name(s) of the Appeals Adjudicator or Panel members, as appropriate.  The

Appeals Adjudicator or Panel members shall hear  the dispute within five (5) business days after being appointed.
The student shall be afforded the opportunity of presenting evidence and argument to the Appeals Adjudicator/Panel and may employ counsel or any other person for this purpose. If the student fails to attend or be represented without good cause at a hearing, the Appeals Adjudicator/Panel may proceed as if the party had been present or represented.
The Appeals Adjudicator/Panel shall render its decision on the dispute within five (5) business days of the last day of the hearing and the decision of the Adjudicator/Panel shall be committed to writing and submitted to the student with a copy to the President and the Senior Vice-President of Academic and Student Services within a further five (5) business days. The decision of the Appeal Adjudicator/Panel shall be final.
The decision of the majority of the members of an Appeals Panel shall be the decision of the Panel. The members of the Panel making the majority report shall sign the decision of an Appeals Panel. An Appeals Adjudicator/Panel may not alter, modify or amend any College policy but shall have the power to set aside a decision of the Senior VP and to modify a disciplinary measure imposed by the Senior VP.