Continuous Learning

Many businesses and adult students turn to CNA for specific courses to meet their needs. Evidence of this trend at CNA can be found in the overall level and nature of activity within Customized and Continuous Learning (CCL).
CCL has a team of Business Development Officers (BDOs) and co-ordinators who respond to specific industry requests. By working with businesses to identify and address training and development opportunities for their staff, this leads to increased staff morale, productivity, and ultimately, a healthier bottom line. The BDO team also supports a mandate to facilitate life-long learning for its many audiences and partners, including government, communities, industry associations, private businesses and individuals.
Credit and non-credit programming is available through customized and flexible content, delivery methods and locations. From a one-day session to programs of several weeks, CCL delivers any time, on-site or off-site, with the appropriate training infrastructure and resources.
CCL proactively identifies gaps in the labour supply for emerging and changing economic sectors, and it develops and delivers relevant training to link individuals to employment. Short-term workforce development programs continue to be a major source of activity for CCL, which points to the significant role this area plays in addressing the requirements of employers, industry sectors and government.
It also provides service to individuals who may have barriers to education and employment (i.e. who do not qualify for full-time academic programs and who do not necessarily possess the right mix of educational and work experience to access emerging employment opportunities).
Continuous learning courses and certificate programs are offered on a part-time basis through evening, daytime or print-based distance education. Learners enrolling in a certificate program also have the convenience of studying part-time while maintaining current employment.

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