Completed Research Projects 2011-2016

Research undertaken at College of the North Atlantic is in a variety of disciplines and ranges from short term projects to multi-year endeavors.

Externally Funded

Wave Pump Market Study
Kay Graham
The College of the North Atlantic hired a consultant to undertake a Commercialization Study to identify the commercialization pathway for innovative wave-driven pump (product and process).

Smart Energy Conference
Kay Graham/Michael Graham
Workshop on Smart Energy applications.
The Smart Energy Conference, attended by Dr. Michael Graham explored different options in renewable technologies.

Locking and Dispensing Mechanisms for Stop Smoking Product
Randal Power
This was a continuation of project started in May 2015. The project’s objective is to develop Locking and Dispensing Mechanisms and related parts for SNM’s Stop Smoking product. The final result should be a manufacturing friendly device that reliably dispenses without damaging the cigarettes being dispensed.

Evolution Pick Project
Randal Power
The task for this project will involve the creation of a set of useable guitar picks for testing and promotional purposes. As discussed the most effective way to obtain these is to create an aluminum test mold and use injection molding to create a batch of pics made at or near the quality of a finished product.

Robust Capacitive Wave Gauge
Michael Graham
In partnership with Akamina Industries, this NSERC Engage grant supported the design and testing of armoured capacitive depth / wave sensor suitable for use in the surf zone.

Oceans Advance Connector
Kay Graham
Ocean's Advance in partnership with NSERC-Atlantic and Springboard Atlantics hosted a connector event in St. John’s on March 10, 2016. College of the North Atlantic participated in this event with a number of researchers presenting their research interests and Pitching to the industry representatives in the hope of forming new partnerships.

WERC-Beyond 2016
Kay Graham/Michael Graham
A strategic planning session for the future of the Wave Energy Research Centre. Attended by industry and academic partners, and funding agencies.

Enterprise Resource Planning Software- Requirements Analysis 
John O’Leary
This project focuses on the completion of an information and communications technology (ICT) user requirements analysis, which will allow the company to clearly delineate the functional requirements that an enterprise resource planning software tool should address in support of both office and production processes.

Robotic Sandwich Cutting System 
John O’Leary
The College through its Industry Engagement Unit will assist the company with the completion of the virtual prototype and cost estimation.

Completion Design Review-Offshore Well
John O’Leary & Mike Marsh
An offshore well completion design to review and to conduct efficiency assessment. . A typical job preparation program, involving Halliburton’s QA/QC checks on the sub-assemblies will be run and tested.

Buoyancy Module Repair & Certification
John O’Leary & Mike Marsh
To investigate the current products & market opportunities and identify requirements pre-requisite to expanding service offerings by Pennecon Energy Grand Banks Warehousing, including buoyancy module repair and certification.

Process Capability Assessment and Development of a related growth Strategy
John O’Leary & Mike Marsh
This project involves a needs assessment of local companies with a view to identifying and determining the viability of additional service offerings by Geotech Services Inc., such as Petrographic Thin Section preparation, Profile Permeametry and other analytical methods.

Quality, Health, Safety, Security and Environment Program Enhancement
John O’Leary & Mike Marsh
To assist the Quality Manager and QHSE Co-ordinator at Atlantic Inspection Services Inc. to help ensure that these programs meet the minimum qualifications required to compete in the petroleum sector both locally and globally.

Prototype Production Process Design for a High Voltage Epoxy Insulator
John O’Leary & Mike Marsh
To lay the foundation for Power HV Inc. production of a full scale prototype of an innovative new high voltage insulator design composed of an epoxy material. 

Prototype Specification for Robotic Cookie Cutting System
John O’Leary & Mike Marsh
This project assists Goulding’s Wholesale Ltd. In the production of a full scale prototype of an innovative new system for robotic controlled cutting of cookies at Chatman’s Bakery.

Dispensing Mechanisms for Stop Smoking Program
Randal Power
This project aims at developing Dispensing Mechanisms and related parts for SNM Global Technologies Inc. Stop Smoking product. The final result should be a manufacturing friendly device that makes dispensing of cigarettes less simple and straightforward, without damaging the cigarettes.

QUDOS, Quantum Dot Optical Superrandice, Broadband Amplifiers, Lasers and Laser Cooling
Gurinder Kaur
Gurinder Kaur, the Co-investigator on this project works with Principal investigator Raman Kashyap from La Corporation de L'Ecole Polytechnique in Montreal, Quebec.

Laminated Cabinet Production Design
John O’Leary
This project is to assist with the design and analysis of the plant layout for the laminated cabinet production process once it is moved to this second facility.

Lean Camera Design
John O’Leary
Development of a spreadsheet driven parametric modeling utility for SolidWorks based on this step-by-step method.

Refining an Injection Mold Process
John O’Leary
The primary goal of the project is to finalize the design of an injection molding operation that will enable cost effective high quality production of this proprietary product.

Apple Flip Semi-automated Operation Development
John O’Leary
This project focuses on the development of an innovative new operation for producing Apple flips. The primary goal of the project is to finalize the development of a molding machine that allows for improved ergonomics, increased production throughput, and improved quality of the traditionally manually produced apple flip product.

Smokers Quitting Aid
Randal Power
To develop dispensing mechanisms and related parts for SNM Global Technologies Inc. Stop smoking product. The final result should be a manufacturing friendly device that reliably dispenses without damaging the cigarettes being dispensed.

Stairway Bullnose Production Design
John O’Leary
To assist Visible Innovations Inc. in applying specialty “paint” that has the glow properties and devising a process and selecting equipment to speed up the production process for stair nosings.

Camera Production Process Optimization
John O’Leary
The initiative focuses on optimizing the production process for SubC Imaging underwater cameras through methods standardization, ergonomic workstation design, and development of related quality control procedures.

Wave Energy Research Centre ROV and Instrumentation 
Michael Graham
The project involves the procurement of an ROV for underwater survey of subsea terrain for placing the wave pump and for subsequent maintenance.

Mineral Processing Lab 
Ken Wheeler & Craig Short
Establishment of a mineral processing lab at Corner Brook campus. The lab will facilitate the active engagement of student and faculty researchers in applied R & D related to the flotation processes typically used for the sulphide ores encountered in the province. The facility will also enable delivery of contract training and engineering diploma program offerings.

Production Management System Development
John O’Leary
This project focuses on enhancing existing software capabilities to improve information flow to the manufacturing operations at Weathershore Windows Ltd.

Paint Process Redesign
John O’Leary
This project focuses on improving the vinyl window spray painting process through improved process flow and the introduction of custom racking that addresses current deficiencies in input, processing and output at Weathershore Windows Ltd.

Quality Assurance Program Development
John O’Leary
To assist Quality, Health & Safety Program at IKM Testing Ltd. In the development of engineered procedures for proposed workscopes. The college will assist IKM in developing a standardized process that IKM can employ to improve efficiency in workscope development.

Refining an Injection Mold Process
John O’Leary
To assisist Firecraft Products Inc. to build upon the success of the first project aimed at refining the injection molding process to achieve higher quality components and faster cycle times.

Laminated Cabinet Production Design
John O’Leary
This project was assisting New Wood Manufacturing Inc. with the design and analysis of the plant layout for the laminated cabinet production process once it is moved to this second facility.

Lean Camera Design using Spreadsheet Driven Solidworks Parametric Modeling
John O’Leary
This project was assisting the SubC Imaging Ltd., with the development of a spreadsheet driven parametric modeling utility for SolidWorks based on this step-by-step method.

Drone/GIS Technology Roundtable
The college brought together the interested industry representatives along with agency representatives for a demonstration of the proposed technology and a roundtable discussion.  This event took place on October 21, 2014 in Stephenville.

Support for CNA's delegation to participate in NSCC Advanced Manufacturing Conference
Registration costs covered for the following four employees to attend the NSCC Advanced Manufacturing Conference that took place on June 18-19, 2014.  
Four participants: Randal Power, Jason Legge, Hussien Zughaer and Jan Peddle

Pollination of commercial cranberry in NL by native and introduced bees.
Barry Hicks
Research will include a study to determine if supplementation of cranberry fields with the imported bee, Bombus impatiens, will increase fruit productions.

Optimization of bassiana in a spray formulation against forest caterpillars
Barry Hicks
This project will experiment with different formulations of natural and synthetic oils as carriers for the fungal spores of Beauveria bassiana.   The formulated products will be tested against caterpillars of the eastern spruce budworm.

Applied Research in Graphic Arts for Advanced Rapid Prototyping and Product Fabrication
Raymond Fennelly
The Graphic Arts program and Office of Applied Research of College of the North Atlantic plan to improve their capabilities in the area of advanced manufacturing through the acquisition of new rapid prototyping and fabrication equipment.  This equipment is used to assist local industry and provide greater research support within the province.

Non-destructive Testing of Seams Welded Using Heat Sealing and/or RF Welding
James Manning
New and innovative methods and/or equipment for measuring the quality of heat sealed and RF welded plastics will be developed. Traditional NDT protocols and devices used for metals will be adapted to plastics.

Sedna Nutraceuticals Process Upgrades
Randal Power
Sedna Nutraceuticals is the only company in Canada using functional refractance drying technology to manufacture high quality blueberry powders. This project aims to develop a mechanical system to load which will increase productivity, innovation in existing technology and cost cutting with enhanced production.

Innovation Enhancement of Wind Powered Greenhouse
Randal Power
This project involves the installation of two additional windmills to the existing windmill and new lighting and automatic watering system to the wind powered greenhouse at Rodriguez Winery. 

Development of Prototype Injection Mold Process
Jason Legge
This project proposed to work with Firecraft Products Inc. to assist in developing an injection mold process for produce to plastic components of the required incendiaries.

Maximizing Yield of Seed for Germination through Seeder Operation Redesign
Rex Oldford
This project examines the current seeding operation, currently used by the company O’Neill’s Gardenland with a view to identifying needed improvements in work methods, workstation layout, equipment, and operator training that will allow for a minimum seed deposit rate of 95%.

Technology adaption to enable costs effective peat moss bale and oclansorb production
Yvonne Lannon
The company, Hi- Point Industries has identified a number of advanced manufacturing technologies that would reduce the cost associated with peat moss bale production. This project examines the existing production process with a view to quantifying the opportunities for productivity enhancement, production capability, new product offerings, and reduced production cost.

Plant Layout analysis
Yvonne Lannon
This project examines the existing production process currently used by the company Modern Millwork and Cabinetry Limited with a view to developing a proposed improved plant layout for the new facility that will allow the company to achieve its goals of productivity enhancement, enhanced product quality, and increased workplace safety.

End Cap Production
John O’Leary
This project examines the current end cap production process currently used by the company Dynamic Air Shelters Ltd. with a view to documenting the existing operations, transports, inspections, and delays with a view to quantifying related cycle times and  identifying needed improvements in work methods, workstation layout, equipment, quality control and operator training.

Information Management System Development
Paul Hearn
This project examines the existing supply chain for Terra Vista Fisheries from harvest to sale with a view to identifying what, when, why and how data should be recorded to enable development of an information management system that would support continuous monitoring throughout the supply chain and maintenance of quality control system that meets the requirements to participate in the European market.
Bottle Reuse Washing Process
Rajendra Jani
Quidi Vidi Brewery is a locally based independent brewing company focused on producing world class quality beer. A feasibility study is required to automate the packaging process thereby improving productivity and efficiency. In addition, the whole process from cleaning to refilling and subsequent packaging will be analyzed and areas of improvement identified.
Minimizing Maintenance Requirements and Reducing Related Production Downtime through Improved Production Environment Control
Ashok Chowdhury
This project, assisted by 3rd year Mechanical Engineering Technology students under the direct supervision of program faculty, examines the relationship between inadequate production environment controls on the reliability, maintenance and uptime of the Quidi Vidi production facility.
Improving Production Capacity through Energy System Efficiency Improvements
George Walsh
This project assisted by 3rd year Mechanical Engineering Technology students under the direct supervision of program faculty for Lewisporte Drycleaners.  The project examined opportunities to increase production capacity by improving the efficiency and reducing the related operational cost of the power plant used to supply energy to the industrial drying operation.

Development of a Virtual Prototype System for High Volume Fertilizer Production from Green Crab
John O’Leary
This project, assisted by 3rd year Mechanical Engineering Technology students under the direct supervision of program faculty, was aimed at the development of a conceptual design and virtual prototype for a system that will enable the high capacity production of fertilizer from green crab. This fertilizer is an innovative product by Newfoundland and Labrador Natural Herbal Remedies: Growing for Life Ltd. that is being evaluated as a cost effective alternative to commercially available fertilizers and whose production also helps to address the growing problem of green crab invasion and subsequent displacement of traditionally harvested snow-crab stocks in the province.

Optimizing BioTex Snowboard Manufacture to Ensure Product Performance in the Field
Hussien Zughaer
This project, assisted  by 3rd year Mechanical Engineering Technology students under the direct supervision of program faculty, extends on previous NRC-IRAP projects related to enhancing production capability at Magine Snowboards through improved product design and incorporation of advanced production technologies.

Creating Awareness of Digital Technology Adoption in Atlantic Canadian SMEs through Online Learning
John O’Leary
Assisted companies in Atlantic Canada by creating an awareness of how adopting digital technologies can improve productivity through an on-line course.

Improving Productivity in Atlantic Canadian SMEs through Lean Welding Audits.
John O’Leary/ Robin Walters
Assisted a number of companies in Atlantic Canada by improving productivity through Lean Welding Audits

Improving Production: Process Feasibility Study
Jason Legge
Our Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) proposes to work with Chatman’s Bakery to assist in reviewing current processes and researching alternative methods to improve efficiency.

Lean and Green Walks
M. Iqbal
The focus for the project is to provide companies in the St. Anthony region with training on the Lean and Green process and facilitate Green Waste Walks at four facilities.

Production Enhancement for New Wood Manufacturing
John O’Leary
Providing industrial engineering support to New Wood Manufacturing, located in Centreville, NL, in the areas of product development, improved production and marketing.

Performance  Improvement for Dynamic Air Shelters
John O’Leary
Providing industrial engineering support to Dynamic Air Shelters, located in Grand Bank, NL, in the streamlining of their production process and reduction of related costs.

Developing a Custom Recycling Bin for Ever Green Recycling
Randal Power
Designed a new recycling bin that is creative and eye-catching while remaining consistent with Ever Green Recycling brand image. 

Process Improvement for Humber Valley Potato
John O’Leary
Providing industrial engineering support to Humber Valley Potato, located in Deer Lake, NL, in product and process improvements for their new “Fresh Fries”.

Increasing Productivity for Chatman’s Bakery Operations
John O’Leary
Providing industrial engineering support to Chatman’s Bakery, located in Charlottetown, NL, in redesign of the cookie packing operation with a view to improving ergonomics, increasing product throughput, and reducing related costs.

Birch Sap Wine Nutritional Testing
Leona Raymond
This project covers sample packaging and shipping of samples to the laboratory for nutritional analysis and completing a nutritional label from the laboratory results.

5S and Lean assessment for Quidi Vidi Brewery
Rajendra Jani
This project involves the assessment of the existing production process at Quidi Vidi brewery with a view to identifying opportunities for application of 5S and Lean engineering.

Mussell Harvester Design
John O’Leary
A redesign of a proposed mechanical system for the on-ice harvesting of mussels. Assessed and modified a design concept developed by MI to improve manufacturability, portability, and functionality. Revised design concept detailed in student capstone project report.

Ergonomic assessment for Norampac Ltd
Rajendra Jani
This project involves the ergonomic assessment of the packaging workstation at Norampac Ltd. with a view to identifying opportunities to reduce the risk of operator injury and cumulative trauma disorder. 

Productivity Enhancement through pre-cooling of fresh fries
Ashok Chowdhury
The project involves developing  specifications of the mechanical system required to pre-cool fresh fries before conveying to the spiral cooler.

Workplace and product quality enhancement through warehouse heating
Ashok Chowdhury
Developing  specifications of the mechanical system required to recover energy currently being exhausted from the frying operation for use in the heating of the receiving warehouse. 

Secondary product through waste management
John O’Leary
Developing  specifications of the mechanical system required to recover waste potato peels and reject fries generated during the fresh fries production process. 

Anamcara Retreat- Community of Cupids NL
Craig Greene
The initial stage of this project is to plan for the building of a first hermitage on site in the spring/summer of 2013, in conjunction with a long-range plan that will make tentative plans for the eventual development as outlined in the Development Charter. 

Material Handling Methods
Kay Graham/Brendan Mullett
CollCollege of the North Atlantic works with Dynamic Air Shelters to develop improved process for movement of materials and shelters.

Design & Development of a Prototype Online   Avatar -Project Completion 
Sharon McLennon/James Grace
Design & Development of Prototype for clothing online avatar as potential product line continued from last year IRAP project.

Development of a Value Stream-iSYS
Rajendra Jani
Assist  High Performance (HPS) and the Waterloo Regional Police Dept in  working with iSYS and use their software to do a workflow analysis of the current way that police dept. conducts fingerprinting and forensics.

Design and Manufacturing Initiative for Sap World
Randal Power
To overcome the intensive labour, time to setup a harvesting site, the cleaning of the collection tubes and hoses, and the downtime, Sap World has modernized and invented a new tap, and filter unit. This project will test the new tap and filter unit, and then to construct a prototype to establish the best tap and filter unit design for harvesting sap. 

Birch Sap Soap Mold Initiative for Sap World Co. Ltd.
Randal Power
Design 3D graphic of soap with logo design, design soap mold and manufacture copy of soap molds so can  establish a soap molds that can be design and prototypes manufacture for producing birch sap soap products.

Rodrigues Winery- Wind Powered Greenhouse Augmentation
Randal Power
This project will focus on the customization of greenhouse technologies and strategies for use in Newfoundland and other northern climates.  Technical challenges include designing the system to maximize electrical efficiency; focusing heating on the plants rather than the main structure in winter months; cooling the facility during hot summer months; and developing lighting and insulation systems suited to sensitive plant growth needs.

2D Contouring Gold Concentration Contouring-Anaconda Mining
Glenn Payne/Shannon White
To work with officials at Anaconda test contouring methodologies to determine best method to represent the gold concentrations and to compare the results of these methodologies with existing operational mapping methods to determine the most appropriate contouring methodology. To establish standardized data exchange protocols for the sharing of data used to generate the contour map product and loading completed contour maps  into mine site operational mapping system. To also develop an automated software process to generate the required contour maps from the company data and transfer to Anaconda for ongoing operations.
Humber Valley Potato Testing
Sharon McLennon/Leona Raymond
This project is to initiate a “final stage” pre-launch business innovation project for Humber Valley Potato to do a product testing for its new Fresh Fry™.

Development of an Improved Process-Western Steel Works Inc.
John O’Leary
To provide manufacturing engineering support to Western Steel Works Inc., located in Corner Brook, NL, which will assist the company in the development of an improved process for the production of industrial scale septic tanks.

Development and Analysis of a Value Stream Map-Magine Snowboards 
Rajendra Jani
To provide industrial engineering support to Magine Snowboards, located in Port-au-Port, NL, which will assist the company in the development and analysis of a Value Stream Map of the production process that they currently use for snowboard production.

On-Ice Mussel Harvester
Sharon McLennon
The project would involve a literature search for details of state of the art existing or similar technologies to that proposed by the Network for harvesting mussels on ice in unsafe/uncertain ice conditions.

Projects supported through CNA Innovation Support Grant 2011-2014

The impact of urbanization on native bee diversity and abundance in Eastern Newfoundland
Barry Hicks
This project will address the impact of urbanization on the diversity and abundance of native bee species.  The data collected will be important as baseline data for future studies involving bee diversity and abundance and the effect of climate change on these important insects.

Research on the best practices for bridging the information gap experienced by trades professionals becoming entrepreneurs
Shawn Tilley
This research report proposes to focus on developing an understanding of why there seems to be a significant gap in the knowledge required to start and manage a small business. The focus will be on why the problem exists and identifying best practices and information sources that can be used to inform prospective trades and entrepreneurs.

Investigation of light matter interactions using fluorescence spectroscopy
Gurinder Kaur
Investigations on fluorescent quantum dots of PbS and PbSe and also investigate the interactions between light and matter using the fluorescent spectrophotometer at MNRL.

Potential for pathogen spillover from commercial bumble bees to native bumble bees and honey bees in Newfoundland.
Barry Hicks
The proposed research will address the potential and actual pathogen spillover to Newfoundland bees using molecular biology techniques.

Solar Wind Energy Based Heating and Signage Project
Randal Power
The project has two distinct aspects, the first is to develop a industrial style solar air heater which may be covered in part under the existing patent application for the reflector based solar air heater system (which was for domestic use). /> The second aspect is the development of a series of solar and wind powered signs for use on buildings and incorporating numerous creative aspects using the 3D printer, laser cutter and industrial sticker making systems.

Automated Crab Leg Meat Extraction Prototype Assembly
Paul Hearn
The objective of the work is to assemble and test the components for a snow crab leg meat extraction prototype.

Preparation of Cycoldextrin-Seed Oil Complexes
Somasundaram Karunanithy
This project is focused on preparing and analyzing cyclodextrin complex of the rosehip seed oil.

Effect of Environmental iron oxide nanoparticles in structure modification of human proteins
Champika Seneviratne
The project aims to examine the quantities of iron compounds nanoparticles in the air and their ability to modify human serum albumin and fibrinogen.

Important of Large Bubbles for methane transport
Ranjan Patro
The research will address two distinct areas, the effect of pH and the surfactants in natural waters on bubble gas exchange, particularly for Methane bubbles, and application of the laboratory derived parameterizations in the field.

The use of nuclear DNA markers to determine the dispersive abilities of the European Fire Ant in its invasive range.
Barry Hicks
Investigate the dispersive abilities of male and female M-rubra ants in Newfoundland.  This will help determine the potential spread of this invasive species and give important information of the reproductive behaviour.

A description of the changing profile of media utilization across demographic profiles and associated consumer perceptions of media delivery and content.
Shawn Tilley
With the advent of social media, SMEs struggle to reach their target customers in a cost-effective manner.  The research is designed to profile the existing mix between traditional media and social media with the purpose of educating the small business marketers.
Materials Investigations for Photovoltaic Applications
Gurinder Kaur
To develop new colloidal nanostructures for photovoltaic applications, with increased quantum yield and improved structural and optical properties for several practical applications.

Using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for small cemetery data organization, planning, and burial location mapping
Darin Brooks
To create an intelligent system of burial plot location and record keeping. The data collection, organization, and spatial database processes will be invisible to the end-user, providing only an up-to-date wall map with an updated record book.

The Humber River Watershed in a Changing Climate
Alan Kirby
Complete a literature review and collect as much water resources data on the Humber River.  Once that is done, consider the effects of climate change on the water resources.  This research would then be presented and published at the CWRA annual conference, Banff, AB in June, 2012.

Extraction and Analysis of Oils from Rosehip and Sea buckthorn Seeds
Somasundaram Karunanithy
The proposed research will involve extraction of seeds by ultrasonication and soxhlet extractionm at low-moderate temperatures. Also, combining the oils from the Rosehips and Seabuckthorn seeds may lead to development of new products with interesting properties.

An Acoustic technique for measurement of bubble solids mass loading
Ranjan Patro
To develop innovative acoustic technique to measure the bubble size distribution, to determine the operating range of the new sensors used in mining technology and to characterize different rotor/stator mechanisms in terms of bubble size.

Rural Revitalization: An examination of Social Changes in Lord's Cove
Janice Rowsell
Examining the humanistic effects of rural revitalization on the community of Lord's Cove as a result of CNA's wave research project. As various stakeholders attempt to find methods of long-term rural sustainability, this study will assess impacts that are not easily seen or quantified.

Water Quality Assessment of the Outer Bay of Islands
Kevin Bond
Produce a water quality report of the Outer Bay of Islands based on the criteria of the Canadian Shellfish Sanitation program and compare the data from 2012 to 1998.

In-vitro analysis of the effect of gold nanoparticles in glycation of RNA by physiologically formed sugars
Padamie Champika Seneviratne
Using nanotechnology, this study is designed to investigate the rate of RNA modification by sugars, in-vitro. The study also aims to search the effects of the various sized, shaped gold nanoparticles on RNA-Sugar reaction.

Exploring classroom participation and discussion through Mobile Application
Tera McDonald
It is the intent of this research, to create a software application that will provide innovative survey capabilities with the additional benefit of being adaptable to the needs of the classroom.

Profiling of Global Gene Network Involve in Drug Toxicity, Drug Resistance, and Side Effects
Sanat Mandal
The aim of this research is the profiling of global gene network and the performance of bioinformatics analysis. Five new proteins will be identified by MALDI TOF/TOF (MS/time of flow) techniques. These experiments will help us design and synthesize better drugs. 

Co-operative Business Training and Development for Rural Newfoundland and Labrador Communities
Kathleen Burt
The aim of this research is the profiling of global gene network and the performance of bioinformatics analysis. Five new proteins will be identified by MALDI TOF/TOF (MS/time of flow) techniques. These experiments will help us design and synthesize better drugs. 

Under Water Vehicle Thruster
Randal Power
The device is based on a water jet system capable of directing the flow of water in several directions at any given time.

The molecular ecology of the European Fire Ant in Newfoundland
Barry Hicks
To complete a molecular study on Myrmica rubra located on Newfoundland to determine the origin and timeframe of its introduction.

Research on the Gap for Small Business Marketing and Promotion
Shawn Tilley
To investigate cost effective methods of marketing for small business, especially in rural settings.

Offset mapping solutions using laser and GPS integration
Glenn Payne
Integration of GPS receivers and laser-based range finders for use in offset mapping.

The Humber River Watershed in a Changing Climate
Alan Kirby
Comparison of water quality data at eight sites with similar data collected in 1998.

Design, Implementation and Maintenance of a Private Cloud Computing System
Branislav Cirovic
To design and build a private cloud system and compare its behavior to that of a traditional client-server.

Materials investigations for memory Devices
Gurinder Kaur
On-going work on nano-structuring of chalcogen-based materials.

Extraction and Analysis of Carotenoids and Polyphenols in Rosehips from Carbonear
Somasundaram Karunanithy
Extraction and analysis of carotenoids and polyphenols in rose hips

Green Green House
Ranjan Patro
Investigation and proposal generation of the best practices in greenhouse technologies for use in northern climates for the purpose of developing a proposal.

Effect of Surfactant on Bubble
Ranjan Patro
Investigate the various aspects of the froth-flotation separation of materials using a mechanical flotation apparatus commonly used in industry.

Development of a cheap snow crab bait using organic waste products
Jonathan Joy
To develop an inexpensive effective snow crab bait using organic waste.

Water Quality Assessment of the Inner Bay of Islands
Kevin Bond
Comparison of water quality data at eight sites with similar data collected in 1998.
Feasibility Study on Energy Saving LED Street Lights in Newfoundland
Rajendra Jani
A study to determine viability of LED street lighting in Newfoundland.

Explore the use of Apple’s iPhone as a mapping and field data collection device
Shannon White
To build a process to connect the iPhone with existing GRF ArcServer for data transfer.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Basline Data Collection, Interpretation & Prototype Development
Tera McDonald
Develop an app for users to record their activities which will calculate the impact on greenhouse gas emissions.

Drug Design, Synthesis, Characterization, and Evaluation.
Sanat Mandal
On-going work in drug design, chemical synthesis and testing of anti-cancer drugs.


Projects supported through CNA Innovation Support Grant 2011-2014

Conductivity Measurements of chalcogen based semiconductor and nanomaterials.
Gurinder Kaur Ahluwalia
Measurement of conductivity and l-V characteristics of samples are basic parameters for characterization of samples for a wide range of applications such as sensors, data storage devices, imagers and detectors. In last few years Gurinder has synthesized several novel materials in bulk, thin film and nano form and characterized them for optical measurements using the UV-VIS and fluorescence spectroscopy techniques acquired from outside agencies. However, in order to take the materials to a product development stage, further investigations of electrical measurements is required. Measurements will be performed on the materials synthesized and more information gathered.

Continuation of a project for the Potential for pathogen spillover from commercial bumble bees to native bumble bees and honey bees in Newfoundland.
Barry Hicks
In 2013, Barry received a small research grant from the OAR under the same title as this project. He received the results from the project and they showed that the commercial bumble bees harbor bee diseases and that native bees that mix with these bees also have diseases. To complete the project, Barry had to test for possible diseases in native bees.

Development and evaluation of practical tools for prediction of stand dynamics after natural or anthropogenic disturbances.
Darin Brooks
Newfoundland is the home of the majority of a globally rare lichen (Erioderma pedicellatum) and this project presents the opportunity to improve the state of knowledge and science on this species. The development of a predictive model can assist land use management. The model will provide managers with options about changing plans or developing mitigating measures to reduce impact on this lichen species. This research also demonstrates international level research done at a local level in a strong collaboration between Grenfell, CFS, CNA, and the province of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Testing acoustic sensor for measuring bubble sparging.
Ranjan Patro
This project will continue research on the developed sensor techniques to: validate the experimental result to the industrial measurement, testing sensors for the measurements and testing at swimming pool, implement pilot scale instrument for Voisey's Bay mine site, develop a collaboration with Memorial University and develop a measurement techniques for analysis.

Rational Drug Development.
Sanat Mandal
Sanat Mandal was transferred from Clarenville campus to Ridge Road campus and this project was to help the researcher set up a laboratory at Prince Philip Drive campus along with help for research chemicals and supplies so that he can continue his current research project with rational drug design.

Preparation and Characterization of Antioxidant containing Alginate Films.
Somasundaram Karu
The incorporation of natural antioxidants into alginate films can improve their bioactivity and applicability in functional foods and medicine. In this work, natural antioxidants derived from berry extracts and green tea will be incorporated into alginate films and coatings, and characterized using FT-IR, light microscopy and chemical analysis. Preparation and characterization of these materials and studying their shell life will beneficial for the food and medicinal chemistry industry in the province, in addition to providing practical experience for summer students.