Current Research Projects

Research undertaken at College of the North Atlantic is in a variety of disciplines and ranges from short term projects to multi-year endeavors.

Externally Funded

Partnership Development with Adrock
Gary Thompson
Gary Thompson to travel Prince Edward Island to meet with Adrock to discuss potential projects and partnerships.

IE-Marine Renewable Canada 2016
Michael Graham
Mike Graham chaired the session on Wave Energy Development at the Marine Renewable Canada 2016 conference.

IM-Mining Research Connector
Kay Graham
Travel funding for researchers to attend and present at Mining Connector event in St. John’s on November 2nd, 2016

Implementation of the API Q2 Standard
John O’Leary
This project focuses on development of an audit tool for verification of local processes to ensure compliance with API specification Q2 and, where gaps are found, development and implementation of process improvements.

Quality Assurance Program Development
John O’Leary
This project supports the Quality, Health & Safety Program at IKM through the development of engineered procedures for proposed workscopes. The college will assist IKM with the industrial engineering of a standardized process that IKM can employ, which will help ensure efficiency in work-scope development and inclusion of all relevant factors that could potentially impact on quality, health and safety.

Virtual Prototyping and Design for Manufacture Assessment of the Skizee
John O’Leary
This project supports the commercialization of an innovative design concept called the Skizee by providing the basis for design refinement that will support improved manufacturability, reduced production cost, and targeted marketing. The project involves the virtual prototyping of the existing alpha stage Skizee prototype using 3D parametric modeling software, development of a simple 3D animation of function and exploded assembly for the unit, and identification of design modifications that could provide a means of improving manufacturability, reducing production cost, optimizing weight, and increasing marketability.

Inspection Matrices Development
John O’Leary
This project focuses on the creation of inspection matrices and sub assembly make-up sheets, tool testing, long term storage maintenance as well as the operational installation of the Alternate Flow Path Cup Seal Open Hole Packer tool, a revolutionary design which is saving the customer approximately $20 million per well.

Product Development and Stonemaster Machine Optimization
John O’Leary
This project focuses on development of a new concrete product including the determination of the optimal mix, determination of the stone-master machine settings and documentation of the operational process necessary to produce a marketable product.

Product Prototyping for ALLGIRL Work Wear Brand
John O’Leary & Barry Buckle
This project involves a collaboration between the ALLGIRL Work Wear Inc, the Industry Engagement Unit at College of the North Atlantic, and faculty/students at the college’s Anna Templeton Centre working together to develop flat patterns required for the development of seven (7) clothing item prototypes with the support of CAD/CAM/CAE technologies. The IEU will provide overall project management and technology adoption consultation with pattern design and production being led by faculty and students at the Anna Templeton Centre.

NSERC Industrial Research Chair for Colleges in Applied Mineralogy
Gary Thompson
Multi stream research activities focusing on new process development and technology innovations in applied mineralogy, specifically dealing with the issues and challenges encountered by Vale NL.

Study of Sulphide Veins at Voisey’s Bay as an effective Exploration-Vectoring Tool
Gary Thompson
A two year research study to characterize a variety of newly discovered sulphide mineral occurrences, mainly veins, in the country rock surrounding the Voisey’s Bay ore bodies.

Wave Powered Pump – Phase II
Michael Graham
Using a refined mathematical model of pump action under renewed set of observations, this NSERC IE project aims at building a modified prototype of wave pump for feeding sea water to a cascaded poly-culture set up. It also performs an economic analysis on the commercialization of the technology.

Applied Entomology Lab
Barry Hicks
Investigate applied approaches to entomological issues arising in NL and impacting the environment of the Island in particular.

Soil Gas Exploration for Hydrocarbon and Mineral Deposits in Newfoundland and Labrador
Gary Thompson
This project involves the acquisition and analysis of soil samples from the Deer Lake and/or the Bay St. George Basins.