Consent Form and Confidentiality

Applicants/learners will be required to sign a consent form for the release and exchange of personal and confidential information. This information will be utilized during the application process to determine their eligibility for support services and/or to assist them in their educational programs. This form will consist of a checklist citing specific organizations/position titles and family members, etc. with whom representatives of Accessibility Services are permitted to exchange confidential information. If someone is not listed, but contacts the Accessibility Services Office regarding the applicant/learner, the applicant/learner will be requested to amend the consent form to include that person, if desired. If not, no exchange of information will take place. Confidentiality is paramount.

Please note:

There are legal/ethical exceptions to an applicant's/learner's right to confidentiality including:
  1. reasonable suspicion that a person will harm another person or himself/herself
  2. reasonable suspicion of abuse/neglect of a child/children or a vulnerable adult
  3. a court order