Mental Health

The term mental health refers to a varying range of mental and emotional conditions. Individuals with mental health conditions may have concerns that interfere with the performance of major life activities such as thinking, communicating, learning and socializing. They may require ongoing support from their community counselor and/or doctor and/or psychiatrist. They should plan their transition to college with their community support(s) before arriving on campus to allow for ongoing and uninterrupted supports while attending.
Students with mental health conditions may qualify for academic accommodations while attending college. Some of these accommodations may include, but are not limited to, a reduced course load (given that the symptoms are often exacerbated by stress), recording lectures, photocopying notes/having a note-taker, quiet testing space and extra time to complete exams.
The following link for the Canadian Mental Health Association may provide you with additional information you may need to assist you with your preparation for college entry: