Reasonable Accommodations

An accommodation is assistance that mitigates the effect of a disability on learning and is designed to afford the student an equal opportunity to learn and demonstrate acquisition of knowledge and skills in the college environment. Accommodations do not lower academic standards by diluting curriculum or credentials, or detracting from the responsibility of the student to meet the required curriculum/program outcomes.

Accommodations may be made by providing alternative ways to meet curriculum requirements or by adapting instructional strategies and /or assessment (for example, note takers, alternate format exams, recording class lectures, adaptive technology, etc). Please see Accommodations list for other examples.

All reasonable accommodations provided by the college are based on documented disability related needs; will not compromise essential program requirements; will not pose a public safety concern and will not impose undue hardship on the college.

When you register for your program, you will meet with the Coordinator of Accessibility Services or a Resource facilitator to fill out an Accommodations Check List.