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Bonavista campus of College of the North Atlantic is located on the east coast of Newfoundland in Bonavista Bay. The historic and scenic community is home to approximately 4,000 residents.

Bonavista campus is unique with respect to the provincial education scene, as it is linked with the local high school, Discovery Collegiate. There is a skywalk connecting the two buildings.  In the past the Campus and High School shared learning resources and some college courses were offered to high school students.

Currently the campus offers full-time credit programs, Advanced Block Trades training, as well as Contract and Continuing Education courses. Additionally a significant number of students participate in courses offered at the campus, nights and on weekends.

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Words from your Host

Welcome to College of the North Atlantic (CNA) – Bonavista campus! My name is Lauren Brake, and I am your Student Development Officer (SDO). My role primarily involves providing supports for you, the student, and trying to make your stay with us an enjoyable and positive experience. In doing so, I provide counselling supports for emotional issues and good mental health, as well as guidance in reviewing career opportunities, scholarships, student aid, establish and support student council, and assist in making campus life experiences just a little more enjoyable for all.

It is important that students, who come from all parts of our province, country and internationally, feel at home and supported while learning and training at our campus. I normally maintain an open-door policy and encourage students to just drop in to have a friendly chat, share your ideas on how to improve our campus life or deal with personal issues. However, as we move through public health protocols, we may have more online services and appointments being booked in advance. For any questions, please message me at: lauren.brake@cna.nl.ca.

I believe the best testimony to support how wonderful a campus experience can be at Bonavista is to hear from the students themselves and to that end I leave you with a quote from our valedictorian of 2020 (Kristan Bavis):

Although being so far from home has been very difficult at times, I would not change the experience for anything! Thank you to everyone who supported me through the process. I would especially like to thank my instructors for making my first post-secondary experience an exciting adventure. My shop instructor not only helped sharpen my skills for the trade, but also assisted in building up my level of confidence in my own ability, and for that I am most appreciative! … I loved the beautiful town of Bonavista, from the wild sea water beating against the rugged shores, to the free-roaming cows and horses that I would visit on a regular basis. When living in a small town you must make the best of what that town has to offer. The night life may not be too crazy, but the town is filled with fantastic people who instantly make you feel welcome and the scenery is breathtaking!
- Kristan Bavis (2020 Valedictorian)
Your host