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The Happy Valley-Goose Bay region is located in central Labrador at the mouth of the Churchill River. It has a proud history, a rich heritage and is home to approximately 8,000 residents.

This campus continues to deliver quality programming designed to meet modern industry’s needs. Full-time credit course registration is approximately 300 students per semester, with another 50 registered part-time. Upwards of 800 students participate in Continuing Education evening courses.

We offer a variety of services to students. They include a Student Development Office, Guidance Office and Indigenous Supports. As well we provide cafeteria services, singles and family residence, childcare facilities, and a learning commons space in the campus library for students to study and collaborate.

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Welcome to College of the North Atlantic’s (CNA) Happy Valley Goose Bay Campus! My name is Sharon Lucci and I am your SDO. I am part of a Student Services team which includes an Aboriginal Support Coordinator, Counsellor, Accessibility Services Coordinator, Resource Facilitator, Librarian, Admissions staff and more. Together, we provide information and support to students to help them become successful within their program. Some examples of support include: personal and group counselling, funding support, student aid assistance, scholarships and awards, career planning, and more.

As you explore post-secondary career training, we invite you to check out our campus and see some of the exciting programs we offer! Starting your college career can be intimidating and confusing; however, it can also be rewarding and fun!  You will most likely have lots of questions. Whether you are starting college for the first time, or a returning student, our staff and faculty are here to offer you support and encouragement along the way. I can be reached at: sharon.lucci@cna.nl.ca.

Our campus is located in central Labrador and has a population of approximately 7,500 residents. We are a very diverse community with indigenous, non-indigenous, and international residents.  The town has a number of amenities including fitness centres, recreational activities abound, restaurants, churches, banks, hospital, schools, support services, and more. For more information, visit: Town of Happy Valley-Goose Bay.

Happy Valley-Goose Bay experiences a cool fall, cold winters, cool to mild springs, and mild to warm summers. Temperatures will vary greatly so make sure you are properly prepared to experience our wonderful seasons.


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