GeoCache with CNA!

GEOCACHING CONTEST 2018 – Official Rules

Interested in a chance to win some cool CNA gear and campus bragging rights? We thought so – just keep reading!

  1. Any person working or studying at a campus will be considered part of that campus team. If you are a Distributed Learning student, participate at the closest campus to your location – not the campus where your program is located.

  2. Team members will attempt to find the 17 geocaches spread throughout the province; take a selfie with the banner inside the geocache container; and, return the banner and geocache back in its hiding place.

  3. Send an email with the picture attached to the email address. To make it easier to track the date/time submitted, and to quickly sort/group team submissions, the subject line information is critical. The subject line in the email will identify the campus submitting the geocache and the geocache they found (i.e. if a person from Bay St. George finds the Corner Brook geocache the subject line should be: “BSG – CB”. If the same person found the geocache at Bay St. George campus, it would be “BSG – BSG”).
Here are the list of campus abbreviations, and the geocache co-ordinates:

Campus Lat Long Clue
Baie Verte N 49° 55’ 57” W 56° 12’ 15” If you search at the top of where water falls you might find the spot of our geocache, and if that’s still too hard if you can see the letters N.D then your in the right place!
Bay St. George 48.553018 -58.562219 When sunrays crown thy pine-clad hills
Bonavista 48.6494444 -53.1044444 a sign the campus is near…
Burin 47.09925 -55.196931 look to the west, under the bridge
Carbonear 47.736282 -53.229764 across from the rolling ocean waves, you will find me here, bringing memories of travelling through the countryside, way back in yesteryear
Clarenville 48 9' 36" N 53 58' 21" W Our Geocache isn’t the only thing planted here
Corner Brook N 48° 56’ 38.4” W 57 ° 56’ 59.3” Located near the Canadian Institute of Forestry seating area and the outdoor classroom.  
Gander 48° 57' 38.7" N 54° 38' 12.6" W What you seek is located at the feet of the big bird in the cage.  You must enter the cage. . .but don’t worry! The bird’s wings have been clipped.
Grand Falls 48.93923244 -55.6608259677887 Near the Mary March Provincial Museum, what was used to carry coal and passengers around this province years ago.
Happy Valley Goose Bay N 53 degrees 17.833 minutes W 60 degrees 20.002 minutes Plane
Labrador West N 52 56.977 W 066 56.031  
Placentia 47.241078 -53.968654 You won't have far to go to find me.  Just steps away for sure.  You will find me safely tucked in at a popular place next door.  There can be lots of pitter pat of feet above me, where you can hear the ocean roar.
Port aux Basques 47 35' 23" N 59 9' 44" W Go to the largest mariner's navigation instrument.
Prince Phillip Drive N 47° 35.084’ W 52° 43.323’ You will find me near this Portuguese explorer who was one of the first to discover Newfoundland. He has stood guard of the Prince Philip Parkway since 1965 and despite his close proximity to the campus he has yet to choose a program of study.
Ridge Road 47-35-07.39341 N 52-44-07.23780 W TIMBER!! Take a stroll along the path behind the campus, but don’t forget to stop in that little clearing. You know the one! You’ll find what you seek at the base of a fallen tree.
Seal Cove 47.4493678 -53.0659 Gather at the muster station to win the challenge.
St. Anthony 51’ 22.512’ N -55’ 35.162’ W Near a large rock near a gazebo

Points to consider:

  1. Most unique geocaches located by a campus. You will have to submit proof for locating your own campus’s geocache, so the first team to submit all 17 CNA geocaches, or the campus to submit the most first will win. 
  2. Highest participation rate for a campus. Multiple people from the same campus can submit a specific geocache from another campus, and this will count to participation rates. (i.e. 10 team members from Bonavista can submit the Clarenville Campus geocache, and the same 10 members can submit the Gander geocache. They will receive one participation point for each submission.) A person cannot submit the same geocache twice.
Have fun!