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School of Academics, Applied Arts & Tourism

Dream big, achieve bigger

You have strengthened your academic knowledge and skills, allowing you to explore your inner talents, now go expand your opportunities and set your sights on a career that’s right for you! Explore your creative side and dive into a career that allows you to express yourself in ways you can only dream of – start thinking outside the box! Start exploring our beautiful province and country! Whether it’s preparing the best in local cuisine, providing world-class accommodations, or expanding opportunities in this sector, set a course for the horizon!

Chapter Selection

00:00 - Start

00:40 - Oh Canada

02:14 - A message from our President & CEO

07:24 - A message from the Minister

08:25 - A message from our Dean

11:48 - Presentation of Certificates and Diplomas

22:51 - A message from our Valedictorian

23:30 - Meet our 18 Valedictorians

27:15 - A message from our Office of Alumni and Advancement

28:28 - A message from our Campuses

30:16 - Ode to Newfoundland

31:34 - Ready to Roll