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School of Business & Information Technology

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It’s a highly competitive world out there – prepare yourself. Pursuing a career in business means you gain valuable skills that keep up with our growing provincial, national and international global economy. And technology, like life, continually changes. Get ready to plug into this vast industry and begin your careers in design, development, installation, maintenance and the support of IT systems.

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00:00 - Start

00:40 - Oh Canada

02:14 - A message from our President & CEO

07:24 - A message from the Minister

08:25 - A message from our Dean

12:26 - Presentation of Certificates and Diplomas

28:34 - A message from our Valedictorian

29:41 - Meet our 18 Valedictorians

33:26 - A message from our Office of Alumni and Advancement

34:39 - A message from our Campuses

36:27 - Ode to Newfoundland

37:46 - Ready to Roll