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School of Health Sciences

Dream big, achieve bigger

Health care professionals are important figures in our communities, finding purpose through helping others and contributing to our mental and physical well-being. CNA has prepared you to work with health board agencies and industry stakeholders to meet the high labour market demands for various allied health practitioners.

Chapter Selection

00:00 - Start

00:40 - Oh Canada

02:14 - A message from our President & CEO

07:24 - A message from the Minister

08:25 - A message from our Dean

10:52 - Presentation of Certificates and Diplomas

19:17 - Meet our 18 Valedictorians

23:01 - A message from our Office of Alumni and Advancement

24:14 - A message from our Campuses

26:03 - Ode to Newfoundland

27:21 - Ready to Roll