Seal Cove

Located on the southern shore of Conception Bay on the Avalon Peninsula of Newfoundland, our Seal-Cove campus offers full-time credit programs, Advanced Block Trades training, as well as Contract and Continuing Education courses.

Seal Cove campus is located on the southern shore of Conception Bay on the Avalon Peninsula.

The campus has a total full-time student enrollment of 110 as of September 2018. Apprenticeship training accounts for approximately 75 per cent of the total student population with Seal Cove being the largest single site for advanced level trades training in the province. There are 31 full-time faculty, staff and management positions.

All full-time programs are also offered in other areas of the province. Seal Cove is the exclusive location for advanced level training in the Instrumentation and Control Technician, and Powerline Technician programs.


College of the North Atlantic
1670 Conception Bay Highway, Station Seal Cove P.O. Box 19003
Conception Bay South, NL
A1X 5C7
Tel: 709-744-2047

View Off-Campus Accommodation Listings
Last Updated: Jun 28 2019 2:21PM

Judy Costello, 229-4686 or 229-0270, 35 Ridge Road, Holyrood

Harry Hamlyn, 229-6281 or 229-4801, 2 Godson's Road, Holyrood
Beach View Motel & Apartments, fully furnished

Genevieve, 687-9319 or email, Port O' Call, 429 Conception Bay Highway, Holyrood
Spacious rooms for rent, contact for pricing

Comerford's Ocean View Suites,  Comerford's Crescent, Holyrood

April and Trevor Pitcher, 229-0315 or 746-0609, 4 Green Acres, Holyrood
No pets/smokers, 1-bedroom furnished apartment, $600/month, utilities, cable, dishes, small appliances, utensils

Renee Druggett, 769-8209, 1882 Conception Bay Highway, Holyrood
Rooms for rent, $500/month, utilities, internet

Top floor/main unit of 2-bedroom house in large, unfurnished 3-bedroom home, $1300/month, utilities, detached/uninsulated garage for storage, dishwasher, eat-in kitchen, fridge/stove, internet, main floor laundry, parking for 4 vehicles, plenty of cupboard and closet space, private back yard, washer/dryer

Lucy Crawley, 229-7771, Holyrood
Various rooms

Gordon Wall, 691-2045 or email, Holyrood
Bright 2-bedroom basement apartment, no smoking, no pets, $500/month, pou, dishwasher, fridge-stove, laminate flooring, parking for 2 vehicles, washer/dryer hookup

Jeffrey Pike, 697-1713, or Amanda White, 277-4692, 1862 Conception Bay Highway, Seal Cove
1-bedroom spacious, bright apartment (furnished or unfurnished), $750/month, pou

Vera and Felix Travers, 744-1038, 71 Indian Pond Estates, Seal Cove
No smokers, fully-stocked bachelor apartment, $125/week, utilities, cable TV, free internet, fridge/stove

Ann Emberley, 690-3044, 1766 Conception Bay Highway, Seal Cove
1 boarder, $25/night, call after 6:00 pm

Trina and John Ralph, 744-2741 or 691-0349 or 691-5646, 62 Daniel's Road, Seal Cove
3 meals/day, laundry, satellite TV, wireless internet

Pete Sullivan, 240-0408 or 689-4925, 79 Daniel's Road, Seal Cove
$125/7-day week, must be self-sufficient, transportation may be available

Thad Symmonds, 697-5958, or Jessica Oldford, 330-0797, 84 Daniel's Road, Seal Cove
1-bedroom, all-inclusive, fully-furnished basement apartment, non-smokers, preferably no pets, perfect for mature student, couple, or single professional, flexible lease term length, may consider short-term rental, $850/month, utilities, cable, off-street parking, TV, washer/dryer, wi-fi

Stephanie Parsons, 744-3483 or 689-2742, 51 Daniel's Crescent, Seal Cove
Room in apartment, $125/week, utilities, cable, internet, shared living space, use of washer/dryer

Room for rent in shared living space, $125/week, utilities, cable, washer/dryer, wireless internet

Ivan Mongrain, 725-4217 or email, Daniel's Crescent, Seal Cove
Room for rent with a mature, married couple, $120/week, utilities, 2 full bathrooms, laundry facilities, shared living and kitchen space

Alan Fitzpatrick, 240-2030 or 728-9380, 50 Seal Cove Road, Seal Cove
Bachelor apartment, $200/week or $600/month (winter rates)

Mary Wallace, 744-3366, or visit website, 95 Seal Cove Road, Seal Cove
Rooms for rent, $600/month, everything included

Patricia Anthony, 744-2328 or 727-6898, 47 Garden Road, Seal Cove
No pets/smokers, 2-bedroom, fully-furnished apartment

Gladys Maloney, 744-2891, 16 Morgan's Road, Seal Cove
1 boarder, quiet house

Chris Murphy, 693-7994, 2 Penstock Place, Seal Cove
2-bedroom apartment, $1000/month, pou, appliances, cable, internet

1-bedroom apartment, $700/month, pou, appliances, cable, internet

Jillian, 728-1832, 641 Conception Bay Highway, Seal Cove
No pets/smokers, 2-bedroom, furnished apartment, $675/month, utilities, fridge/stove, microwave

Joanne and Scott Parsons, 744-3901 or 689-4927, Conception Bay Highway, Seal Cove
$100/week (shared bathroom) or $125/week (private half bathroom), utilities, cable, cleaning

Corinne Kieley, 728-8808, 27A Hopewell Gardens, Upper Gullies
3-bedroom basement apartment, no smokers, $400 damage deposit, $800/month, pou, fridge/stove, washer/dryer hookup

Jerry  Winter, 725-6979, Lawrence Pond Road, Upper Gullies
1 bedroom for rent, $400/month

Shirley Ryan, 781-0095, 110 Lawrence Pond Road West, Upper Gullies
Large 11' x 16' executive, fully-furnished bedroom (bureau, desk/chair, night stands, queen bed, recliner, TV/stand, wardrobe) and full washroom in 1-year old home, $550/month, ample off-street parking, full use of kitchen, laundry, and media room, meals at additional cost

Debbie Burton, 744-1013, 24 Petten's Road, Upper Gullies
2 boarders, meals, wireless internet

Jean Andrews and Paul Haines, 744-2123, 76 Petten's Road, Upper Gullies
Apprentices preferred

Ruby Dawe, 240-1035 or 330-5566, 97A Comerford's Road, Upper Gullies
1 boarder, internet

Adam Byrne, 744-3224 or 727-1739, 17 Maureen Crescent, Upper Gullies
No pets, 2 bedrooms for rent on top level of new house, $500/month, dishwasher, fridge/stove, lots of parking, washer/dryer

No smoking/pets, damage deposit required, new 2-bedroom above-ground basement apartment in quiet, newly-developed area, $650/month, pou, air exchanger, cable, internet, laminate flooring throughout, lots of parking, stainless steel fridge/stove, washer/dryer

Cathy Noftall, 240-3251, 7 Chatwood Crescent, Upper Gullies
2 boarders, $125/week, utilities, cable, furnished room, internet, provide own food

Pat Padilla, 763-0164, 1078 Conception Bay Highway, Upper Gullies
1 boarder, $450/month, cook own meals, laundry, provide own food

Room for rent in house, mature person, cleanliness is important, $450/month

Lisa Penner, 744-2232 or 699-1101, 29 Robert's Road North, Upper Gullies
$400/month, utilities, fully-furnished bedroom, own bathroom, provide own meals, separate entrance, shared kitchen

Glenys, 240-2236 or 689-0581, Upper Gullies
Available accommodations for short-term leasing, 3-bedroom, 2-storey, older home, utilities, fully furnished

E. J. Humby, 235-0176, Upper Gullies
2-bedroom basement apartment in brand new home, small pets may be considered, may consider individual room rentals for students, $800, pou, all new appliances, off-street parking, washer/dryer

Anthony Green, 727-0774, Forest Road, Kelligrews
No smoking in house, furnished bedroom, $450/month, cable, full use of kitchen and laundry facilities, internet, parking, quiet environment

Georgia Johnson, 728-2253 or email, 26 Anthony's Road, Kelligrews
No smokers, partially-furnished basement apartment, damage deposit required, $700/month, pou, blinds, chesterfield, electric fireplace, fibre op, loveseat, microwave, parking for 2 vehicles, pots/pans, toaster oven, washer/dryer, wi-fi

Regina Hoskins, 764-6104 or email, Manorside Place, Kelligrews
No parties/smoking in apartment, mature person preferred, 1-bedroom, above-ground, bright, clean, and spacious apartment, damage deposit and reference check required, $750/month, pou, air exchanger fridge/stove, internet, own entrance, second smaller room can be used for an office or storage, washer/dryer, wi-fi

Mary and Patrick Brown, 834-1904 or 697-5718, 21 Legion Road, Kelligrews
3 boarders, drinking and drugs prohibited, females preferred, sponsored students only, cable, internet, laundry, meals, smoking outside or in garage, transportation may be provided

Wayne Shaw, 834-5696 or 763-4656, 47 Legion Road, Kelligrews
1 bedroom (all inclusive), $700/month

Chris Churchill, 749-6629 or email, 54 Bayview Heights, Kelligrews
2 rooms, $650/month, utilities, cable, internet

R. Best, 687-1185, Red Bridge Road Area, Kelligrews
Furnished room available to a quiet, mature, clean male student, Monday to Friday, prefer no weekends, $150/week, large 20' x 20' room with private bathroom, own entrance, provide own meals, room has small fridge and microwave, shared kitchen with homeowner

Dave Bennett, 834-4426 or 325-3251, 29 Kelliview Avenue, Kelligrews
1-bedroom, furnished basement apartment on short-term basis, $750/month, everything included, own driveway

Sheila McEvoy, 834-1696, 5 Sunrise Avenue, Kelligrews
1 boarder, males preferred

Wayne Thorne, 834-8223 or 685-9021, 10 Middle Bight Road, Kelligrews
1 or 2 boarders, $350/month, weekly rates available, utilities, cable, laundry

Wayne Gosling, 834-8066, 58 Kerry Avenue, Kelligrews

Dean Ollerhead, 746-9362, or Amanda, 240-1271, 18 Barnacle Road, Foxtrap
Room for rent in new house, $600/month, internet/TV, own private bathroom, use of kitchen/laundry

Minnie Lewis, 763-4777, 288 Foxtrap Access Road, Foxtrap
1 boarder, $40/day with meals, $30/day without meals, cable, internet, own bathroom/entrance, use of kitchenette and rec room

Kay Patey, 687-2739, 16 McCutcheon's Road, Foxtrap
2 boarders, $500/month, utilities, meals, own bathroom/entrance/living room, washer/dryer, wi-fi

V. and L. Rideout, 834-7414, 8 Ollerweg Heights, Foxtrap
No pets/smokers, 2-bedroom apartment, $625/month, utilities, fridge/stove, washer/dryer hookup

Bernice and Willard Bailey, 834-8158, 90 Dunn's Hill Road, Foxtrap
No pets/smokers, $750 damage deposit, 1-bedroom, ground-level basement apartment, $750/month, utilities, cable extra, washer/dryer hookup

Dean, 834-1195 before 5:00 pm, 428 Dunn's Hill Road, Foxtrap
Clean and quiet, small 1-bedroom basement apartment, $575/month, utilities, cable, full bathroom (shower/tub), own entrance/parking

Amy Rideout, 834-5193, 92 Greeleytown Road, Foxtrap
1 boarder

Wayne Long and Gale Gillingham, 330-4321 or email, Mineral's Road, Long Pond
Large house with rooms to rent, $125/5-day week, shared bathroom, supper included

Joanne Butler, 834-4986, 41 Mineral's Crescent, Long Pond
3 boarders, cable, laundry, phone, private room, shared bathroom

Beverly Keeping, 834-5242, 277 Anchorage Road, Long Pond
2 boarders, 2 single beds in large bedroom, no drinkers/smokers, access to TV, huge living room, laundry, lots of parking, meals

Valerie Hawco, 770-1179, 36 Ivimey Place, Manuels
Newly-renovated space in quiet area, 1-bedroom, small kitchen nook, small living room, private bathroom, $150/week, cleaning service weekly with fresh bedding and towels, coffee pot, couch, fridge, kettle, laundry facilities, free wi-fi, microwave, own entrance, small table and chairs, toaster, TV

Yvonne Lannon, email, Spracklin Boulevard Area, Paradise
Spacious 2-bedroom basement apartment on quiet cul-de-sac, no smokers, small pet permitted, $800/month, utilities, off-street parking for 2 vehicles, separate covered ground-level entrance

Linda Fennelly, 895-2765, Farm Road, Portugal Cove-St. Philip's
3 rooms for rent, $150/week, provide own meals

Carol Burke, 682-1118, 141 Newtown Road, St. John's
Multiple properties, 2-storey, 3-bedroom house near MUN, $950/month, washer/dryer

Mary Gibbons, 770-6089
No pets/smokers, furnished 1-bedroom basement apartment, references and deposit required, $800/month, utilities, cable, internet, parking for 1 vehicle

Furnished bedroom for rent, $125/week, lots of parking, shared bathroom/kitchen/laundry facilities, wi-fi

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Friday, August 9, 2019
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    Last day of Intersession II
    8/9/2019 8/9/2019 America/St_JohnsLast day of Intersession IICollege of the North Atlantic Campus: All Campuses

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Wednesday, August 14, 2019
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    Last day of Spring Semester
    8/14/2019 8/14/2019 America/St_JohnsLast day of Spring SemesterCollege of the North Atlantic Campus: All Campuses

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Wednesday, August 21, 2019
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    Last day of Technical Spring Semester
    8/21/2019 8/21/2019 America/St_JohnsLast day of Technical Spring SemesterCollege of the North Atlantic Campus: All Campuses

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