Personal Support

Any student requiring program accommodations must identify to the Accessibility Services Coordinator (ASC).

Students are responsible for notifying the College if disability services are required. The ASC will not seek out students with disabilities, but will respond to requests by them, their families and/or other persons advocating on their behalf. Therefore, students with disabilities are encouraged to contact the Coordinator to ensure that they may receive the supports and accommodations available to them. All requests will be treated confidentially.

Students are responsible for providing professional documentation of their disability. The ASC will be able to tell you what type of documentation is required. This will be kept in a confidential file at the Coordinator’s office.

Students are responsible for making the request for all disability related accommodations as far in advance as possible to ensure they are in place in a timely manner. (If you wait until the day before a scheduled exam to request extended time, you may not be approved for the accommodation in time for the exam).

All students must meet the requirements of their class and/or program and abide by the regulations of the College courses.

Information regarding disability services such as forms and steps in the process to access services can be viewed on the College website at

Accommodations are supports students qualify for to assist them in meeting the objectives of their program. The most common accommodations can include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Quiet testing space
  • Tests read using software
  • Tests scribed using software
  • Extra time to write tests

Before you start your term …

Contact the ASC when you apply to the College. Ensure you have your assessment report or information documenting your disability. The ASC will want to do a pre-entry interview with you and can share information about supports and services that may be available to you. Ask questions about any grants that may be available to students who have diagnosed disabilities.

In the first two weeks of the term …

Arrange to meet with the ASC as soon as possible after each semester begins to ensure that all accommodations and services you qualify for are arranged.

Throughout the term …

Keep in touch with ASC throughout your program. Let the ASC know if your accommodations are working, or if they may need to be changed. Remember that you are responsible for letting your instructors know in advance that you are going to need testing accommodations. The ASC may want to arrange team meetings with your instructors where necessary.

Halfway through the term …

If you wish to have any accommodations when writing mid-term or final exams – such as extended time or the opportunity to write in a separate location – you must request this ahead of time.

Refer to College Policy LS-207 for more information on disabilities.