New CNA program to reward Skills Canada competition medalists

4/8/2016 1:34:01 PM

St. John’s, NL – College of the North Atlantic (CNA) has added some extra incentive for secondary and post-secondary students competing in Skills Canada provincial and national level competitions.
A new awards program, announced today at the Skills Canada – Newfoundland and Labrador provincial competition, will provide entrance scholarships for secondary students and financial support to current CNA students who win medals at Skills Canada events.
Secondary students, enrolled in the Newfoundland and Labrador K-12 school system, who receive a gold medal at the provincial competition will receive a $500 CNA entrance award. If they receive a medal at the Skills Canada National Competition they will receive an additional $500 CNA entrance award for bronze, $750 for silver and $1,000 for winning the gold. All entrance awards are to be used toward tuition upon enrollment at College of the North Atlantic.
Current CNA students who win a gold medal at the provincial competition will receive support from the college to cover travel and accommodation costs to the national competition. Upon reaching the national level, students who receive a bronze medal will be presented with a $500 award, silver will receive $750 and gold will receive $1,000.
“We are very excited to introduce this awards program for prospective and current students,” said Ann Marie Vaughan, CNA’s President and CEO. “To win a medal at the provincial or national level of these Skills competitions is an extraordinary accomplishment, one for which these students deserve to be recognized. The awards program acknowledges and celebrates the importance of this exceptional level of achievement. It shows the college is committed to skills development, and to the students who have worked so hard to become the best in the country. We are very proud of these competitors and the awards program will allow them to pursue or continue in a program with CNA and translate their amazing talents and skills into rewarding careers.”
Many secondary students have their college aspirations in line well before they graduate high school, and many compete in the areas they want to one day turn into a career. We wanted to give those students some extra incentive to compete at the highest level they possibly can and be rewarded for it. And for graduating students or apprentices, early in your career $500 or $1,000 can go a long way.”
Craig White, President of Skills Canada – Newfoundland and Labrador, says the program will help to open doors for competitors.
“Skills Canada – Newfoundland and Labrador thrives on celebrating skilled workers in our province and showing youth the meaningful and rewarding careers that are available in the skilled sector,” said White. “The new awards program offered by CNA is a wonderful incentive which enables our competitors to translate their passion into a successful career once they graduate high school.”
The Skills Canada provincial competition being held at CNA’s Prince Philip Drive campus on Friday, April 8, will finalize Team Newfoundland & Labrador for the 2016 Skills Canada National Competition, this year being held in Moncton, N.B., June 5-8.
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