Grand Falls-Windsor

Located in Central Newfoundland, our Grand-Falls-Windsor campus offers full-time credit programs, personal interest courses, as well as Contract and Continuing Education courses.

Welcome and thank you for visiting the Grand Falls-Windsor Campus website, College of the North Atlantic. We invite you to explore our programs and services through the pages and links provided. If you still have questions and or suggestions after you have taken the tour please contact us by visiting our campus or contacting us by telephone or email.

Grand Falls-Windsor campus of College of the North Atlantic is located in central Newfoundland. The campus services two economic zones which are the Exploits Valley with a population of 27,000 residents, and the Coast of Bays with a population of 8,000 residents.

The Grand Falls-Windsor campus has a lot to offer students with diverse educational interests – from one, two and three year diploma and certificate programs to personal interest courses. Our campus is focused on ensuring the learner is at the center of the learning process. Our human and program resources are aimed at helping students reach their personal and educational goals. A key element of this includes 21 credit transfer agreements with universities through Canada and the United States.
There are numerous services and resources available at the Grand Falls-Windsor Campus to enhance student life, including a guidance counselor, a student development officer, an academic resource center, student services office, an extensive library, an active student council, an Enactus chapter, and a full service cafeteria. The community of Grand Falls-Windsor is a safe, family-oriented and business friendly community, the hub of the Exploits Valley in harmony with its neighboring communities. The town has several amenities such as shopping centers, restaurants, health services, and several entertainment facilities.

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College of the North Atlantic
5 Cromer Ave
Grand Falls-Windsor, NL
A2A 1X3
Tel: 709-292-5600
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View Off-Campus Accommodation Listings
Last Updated: Jul 17 2019 3:30PM

Tommy or Heidi, 709.683.1579, 709.486.8023
1 bedroom spacious apartment. Fridge, stove, microwave, washer, dryer, heat & light, cable and internet included.

Keith, 709.489.5068, 14 Bishop Street
$300.00 month.  1 bedroom apartment. Fridge, stove, washer and dryer included. POU.

John or Eva Stacey, 709.489.9884, 129 Goodyear Avenue
1 bedroom apartment. Partially furnished. POU.

Carl or Lorraine, 709.489.3929, 39 Lind Avenue
$675.00 month without lease/ $650.00 month with lease. 3-bedroom apartment. Washer and dryer included. POU.

Ms. King, 709.489.6586
2-bedroom apartment. Fridge, stove, own entrance and driveway. Unfurnished. POU no smoking or pets.

709.489.1513, Prices Avenue
2-bedroom apartment. Newly renovated.

709.489.2537, McCarthy Street
1 bedroom apartment. Cable, internet, washer and dryer included.

1 bedroom apartment. Own entrance and driveway. Washer and dryer hookup, fridge and stove included.

$425.00 month. 1 bedroom basement apartment. POU. Private entrance.

Doug Mesher, 709.486.5469, 24 Lind Avenue
$750.00 month. 2+1 bedroom large basement apartment. Own entrance and driveway. Heat, light, washer, dryer, fridge, stove, cable, wifi, deepfreeze and partly furnished.

$750.00 month. 2-bedroom apartment. Heat, light and cable included.

709.489.5068, Park Street
$750.00 month.2-bedroom apartment. Heat, lights, fridge, stove and cable included. No partying.

709.489.6040, 709.572.2840, 102 Brown Avenue
$650.00 month. 1 bedroom fully furnished apartment. Heat, lights, cable and internet included.

Heather, 709.293.4360
1 bedroom basement apartment. Heat, light and fibre op included.

709.489.0332, 9 Larch Street
$700.00 month. 2-bedroom apartment. Own entrance. Fridge, stove, washer, dryer, heat and light included.

709.489.5068,, 10 Mulrooney's Avenue
$650.00 for 2 students
$700.00 for three students. 2-bedroom apartment. Fridge, stove, washer, dryer included. POU. No smoking or pets, parting. $300.00 damage deposit. Own entrance and driveway.

709.290.3094 (call after 6pm)
$600.00 month. 1 bedroom apartment. Heat, lights, wireless internet and cable included.

Olive Janes, 709.489.5934, 9 Sutherland Drive
2 bedroom apartment.

Judy or Brian Pardy, 709.489.1248 (after 5pm), 12 Gately Street
2-bedroom apartment. POU.

709.489.5068, Patrick Street
$1200.00 month. 3-bedroom apartment. Heat, lights, washer and clothesline included.

709.489.2224 (8:30 - 5:30), 709.486.0411 (5:30 - 9:30), Kenwood Apartments
3 and 4 bedroom apartments.

Wayne King, 709.486.1512, Bond Street
1 bedroom apartment.

1 bedroom apartment. Washer, dryer, fridge, stove dining table and chairs provided.

Donna, 709.293.1536, 13 Bishop's Street
$650.00 month. 1 bedroom apartment. Partly furnished. Hear, light, washer and dryer included.

Aubrey Smith, Patrick Street
3-bedroom basement apartment. Heat and light included.

Darlene, 709.486.8644, 278 Grenfell Heights
1 bedroom apartment. Heat and light included.

709.393.1823, 709.486.7905
1 bedroom apartment. Partly furnished. Washer, dryer, fridge and stove included.

$700.00 month. 1 bedroom apartment. Heat and light included. Not smoking.

Gil or Dana, 709.290.1281, 709.290.4409, 74 Goodyear Avenue
$600.00 month. 1 bedroom apartment. Furnished (optional). Washer and dryer hook up. POU. $200.00 damage deposit.

709.489.1160, 19 Bond Street
$475.00 month. 2 bedroom upstairs apartment. Own entrance. POU. No smoking or pets.

Fred or Joe, 709.486.5702, 709.486.7777
2 bedroom apartment.

709.489.0763, 709.290.3788, Gardner Street
1 bedroom furnished apartment. Heat, light, washer, dryer, cable included.

Doug, 709.486.1626, Goodyear Avenue
2-bedroom apartment. Heat, light, fibre op included. No smoking or pets.

Wayne King, 709.486.1512, Bond Street, Bennett Avenue
1 & 2-bedroom apartments.

709.293.0288, Suvla Road
$700.00 month. 2-bedroom apartment. Fridge, stove, washer and dryer included. POU.

709.489.2879, 15 Oglivie Street
$800.00 month. 1 bedroom furnished apartment. Heat, light and internet included.

709.489.5240, 709.489.0763, 64 Grenfell Heights
1 bedroom apartment.

709.486.8644, 709.489.8644
1 bedroom basement apartment. H&L included.

Mark Whiffen , 709.290.4618,
1 bedroom apartment. Own entrance, driveway, cable and internet. Walking distance to CNA.

Eileen or Cal, 709.834.7435, 709.765.2635, 709.771.2204
3 bedroom house. Heat pump, air exchanger and electric heaters. Fully furnished. $1400.00. POU.

709.489.5419, 709.486.4542
1 bedroom basement apartment. $550.00 POU. No smoking/pets.

Darryl, 709.290.0077, O'Neill Avenue
1 bedroom basement apartment. Internet and H&L included. Access to W/D.

1 bedroom basement apartment. $650.00. H&L, Internet and cable included.

2 bedroom basement apartment. $850.00. H&L, internet, cable included. W&D hookup. Own entrance and driveway. No pets, smoking or parties.

1 bedroom above ground apartment. Fully furnishes. Memorial Avenue. Access to W&D.

Amy Rideout, 709.290.1316
$125.00 week. Heat, light, cable, internet, WiFi, washer, dryer included. Female preferred. Buy own groceries.

April Skinner, 709.486.5475
$115.00 week. Internet, Netflix, laundry, heat and light included. Buy own groceries.

Belinda Reid, 709.489.4563, 709.638.3382, 8 Birch Street

Betty Ann Price, 709.489.9691, 22 Sullivan Street

$150.00 week (7days).

Bob Lacey, 709.489.7432, 8 Glenwood Avenue
$30.00 day. Internet, cable, internet and meals included. Transportation is available if needed.

Daisy Rideout, 709.489.4460, 709.489.2504, 6 Crawley Avenue
Female preferred.

Daniel Randell, 709.489.1877, 21 Finn Avenue
One large room. Male only. No smoking or pets. Working or student.

Doug Mesher, 709.486.5469, 24 Lind Avenue
Accepting boarders. Room for rent/house to share. $400.00 mt.

Eddie Power, 709.489.1898, 709.486.3271
$20.00 day. Cable, internet, washer and dryer included. Buy own groceries.

Hazel Lacey, 709.489.4790, 21 Snow Crescent
Bedsitting room. Cable, TV, internet included. Own entrance and parking. No smoking or pets.

Paul, 709.687.2239
Male preferred. Walking distance to CNA. Suppers included during weekdays. Utilities and Wifi included.

Lorraine Rideout, 709. 489.4299
Accepting two boarders. Meals included.

Marie Kealey, 709.489.2931, 13 Brown Avenue
One room available.

Mary Murray, 709.489.5240, 64 Grenfell Heights
Kitchenette and own entrance.

Nevin, 709.489.0201, 709.486.5689
Room for rent. Buy own groceries. Heat, light and cable included.

709.293.1099, 14 Andrews Crescent
$150.00. week. Meals, cable, internet, washer and dryer included.

$400.00 month. Furnished, cable and internet included. Buy own groceries.

Rooms for rent in a 3-bedroom house. Heat, light, cable, internet included. Furnished. Shared kitchen, living room and bathroom.

10 minutes fro CNA. Meals included. No smoking or pets. Monday – Friday.

709.489.0110, 709.293.1099, Andrews Crescent
$125.00 week. Two male boarders. Meals and laundry included.

709.489.9777, 709.572.7624, 14 Eleventh Avenue
$400.00 month. Buy own groceries.

Peg, 709.489.2706
Meals included. Own entrance.

Peggy Blagdon, 709.489.3654, 709.486.1785, 2 Evans Street
2 female boarders.

Penny Pardy, 709.290.4510
$25.00 day - $40.00 day includes breakfast and supper. Internet, cable and laundry included.

Tony Dominic, 709.489.4691, 75 Brown Avenue, Bishop's Falls
Looking for female student to share 2-bedroom apartment.

709.293.9202, Bishop's Falls
$500.00 month. Meals included.

$500.00 month. 2 boarders, no smoking or meals.

$525.00 month. 2 boarders, WiFi, Netflix, laundry, fully furnished, meals included. No smoking.

Karen, 709.486.9400, Goodyear Avenue
Female boarder. $125.00 week. No meals provided but access to whatever you need.

Emily Noel, 709.572.0718, Gardner Street
2 boarders. Meals may be included.

Leon, 709.486.7335
2 boarders. 10 minutes walk from school.

Roslyn, 709.293.0161
$525.00 month. Large sitting area with TV, internet, cable, private bath, heat and light, mini fridge.

$400.00 month. Furnished. Access to laundry and kitchen.

Amanda Fudge, 709.290.4606
$575.00 month. 2 boarders. Fully furnished. Includes H&L, laundry, satellite TV, internet and parking. References required.

2 Boarders – male or female, own parking, laundry services, and meals included.

Emily, 572.0718
2 Boarders. Internet, Cable, TV.

Glen, 572.5555, Northern Arm
2 rooms for rent. Full run of the house.

Pam, 489.3133, Red Cliff
2 boarders. H&L, Wifi, and cable included. $550
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Friday, August 9, 2019
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    Last day of Intersession II
    8/9/2019 8/9/2019 America/St_JohnsLast day of Intersession IICollege of the North Atlantic Campus: All Campuses

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Wednesday, August 14, 2019
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    Last day of Spring Semester
    8/14/2019 8/14/2019 America/St_JohnsLast day of Spring SemesterCollege of the North Atlantic Campus: All Campuses

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Wednesday, August 21, 2019
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    Last day of Technical Spring Semester
    8/21/2019 8/21/2019 America/St_JohnsLast day of Technical Spring SemesterCollege of the North Atlantic Campus: All Campuses

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