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3/9/2010 2:22:40 PM

The Fry Family Foundation continues to demonstrate their support to the students of College of the North Atlantic (CNA) and the residents of New Orleans by committing over $28,000 in funding for 12 students to participate in Construction Camp 2010.

As part of the Construction Camp in 2009, 10 students went to New Orleans under funding provided by the Fry Family Foundation to lend their skills, talents and energy to victims of Hurricane Katrina. That mission left a marked impact on the devastated Broadmoor neighbourhood, including; sidewalk replacements, improvements to the community church, installation of survey points, surveys and drawings for current and proposed community facilities, and the creation of a documentary of these efforts.

In 2010, the students will be accompanied by four faculty members and three self-funded alumni. The Fry Family Foundation and CNA share a common vision—one of embracing service learning in an effort to assist women, children and seniors at risk, while improving communities at the grass root level.

Frank Fry is the Executive Director of the Fry Family Foundation. He says there were a number of contributing factors in continuing to fund the New Orleans project.

“This project has very strong leadership and proven performance,” states Fry. “We believe that our initial investment was very worthwhile as it helped in the education and development of very deserving students and most importantly the rebuild of a devastated area of a wonderful city. This is just one amazing project that we can all be very proud of.

“This project has exceeded our expectations. These student volunteers who have returned to the province from their experience in 2009 in New Orleans are now continuing to volunteer in their communities here in Newfoundland and Labrador. Some are serving as municipal councilors, firefighters and rescue workers. They are redesigning school parking lots to improve safety. They are working with their communities to design playgrounds and recreational facilities. This is what they were doing in New Orleans.”

One of those students is Corey Hudson, a Civil Engineering and Construction Camp alumni from Norman’s Cove. He returned to New Orleans in 2009 using his own resources and is already making plans to do the same this April.

“There is no better thing to do than volunteer,” explains Hudson. “I currently volunteer as a municipal councilor, firefighter and Army Cadet Officer. The people of New Orleans are in great need of help and I thoroughly enjoy putting my skills to work helping rebuild this great community, and our efforts are greatly appreciated.”

Hudson notes the community spirit of Broadmoor is the envy of any neighbourhood. It has shown him that with perseverance and determination, anything can be accomplished. He plans to continue helping the community and its residents to rebuild Broadmoor stating “…because, there is no better feeling than the one you get when you have helped someone.”

Hudson recently agreed to intern at the Broadmoor Development Corporation (BDC) office at their request, with part of his internship preparing CNA projects in anticipation of the 2010 group’s arrival. He will be working on various other engineering projects as assigned.

“We are seeing the impact of the Fry Family Foundation’s support through the success of our students and the values they bring back to their home communities,” says Corinne Dunne, vice-president of Development and College Advancement at CNA.

“This initiative has given so much to so many – from the residents of the Broadmoor district to the people of Norman’s Cove. The foundation has been a valued supporter of the college since 2006 and they never cease to amaze us with their generosity. Everyone is excited to see what we are able to contribute to the Broadmoor district this year.”


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