New program combines business and IT essentials for today’s market

Enterprise Web Development is responsive to digitization needs during and post-pandemic

5/26/2021 9:23:54 AM

STEPHENVILLE, NL – Today’s businesses require, more than ever, innovative technical and business skills to be competitive in today’s international market.

Web development and e-commerce have grown exponentially over the past couple of years and this trend is forecasted to continue. The onset of the global pandemic in 2020 forced many businesses and organizations to pivot to the online delivery of their products and services and the adoption of new innovations in e-commerce and customer engagement.

Enterprise Web Development (EWD) – College of the North Atlantic’s (CNA) new two-year Diploma program – is being offered fully online beginning September 2021. This exciting program combines the skills required to develop secure transaction-based websites with the utilization of customer and content management systems, social media and enterprise resource planning.

Stephen Warren, Dean of CNA’s School of Business and Information Technology (IT), says this new program was developed in response to industry-specific needs in the digital economy and the urgency of providing goods and services online.

“Our school’s Industry Advisory Committee met virtually with over 30 companies, students were surveyed, and government departments were consulted to obtain feedback on this program – course by course,” said Warren. “We know the pandemic has caused a shift in consumers’ habits and needs as in-person experiences were restricted. This, in turn, needed to be reflected in today’s enterprises. Graduates of this program will be equipped with vital professional and digital skills that will help businesses continue operating in all sectors.”

The program includes a seven-week work exposure which provides students the opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills in a workplace setting.

Curtis Traverse, Delivery Manager – Portal Product Development at Vision33 in St. John’s, supports the introduction of the EWD program and the unlimited potential it has on sectors like his. 

“We’re impressed by CNA’s focus on modernizing its course offerings to include programming languages, such as AWS (Amazon Web Services) cloud development, NodeJS, and UI/UX design,” said Traverse. “By learning how to leverage transformative technologies in real-world scenarios, we’re confident that graduates will gain critical skills to meet the technology needs of employers that must digitize and move their business online.”

EWD has a capacity of 25 students, and those enrolled in the program will be able to develop their ability to program, design, configure and maintain secure transaction-based websites where clients and customers can interact. Some of the components learned in EWD include: using Content Management Systems (CMS) integrating databases and scripting languages; implementing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and social media management systems; applying UI/UX (User experience design/User interface design) cross-browser compatibility; creating a web presence utilizing programming languages, such as Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and APIs; and, integrating Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions. 

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