CNA implements tuition and fee increases

College rates remain among the lowest in Canada to support affordable education

3/16/2022 2:02:54 PM

STEPHENVILLE, NL – Beginning September 2022, students attending College of the North Atlantic (CNA) will see a modest increase to their tuition and related fees for the first time in nearly 25 years.

A domestic student’s tuition is set to rise by $145 per semester, bringing the amount from $726 to $871. Materials and fees will also see a minimal increase with an average of approximately $25 per program (amounts may vary from program to program). For international students, the upcoming academic year will result in a tuition increase of $495, bringing the amount from $3,300 to $3,795 per semester. 

With a view to keeping post-secondary education costs affordable for all students, CNA’s tuition, even with the upcoming changes, will remain the lowest in Canada (outside Quebec). It should be noted that since 2012, tuition has increased 26 per cent, or an average of $636, throughout the rest of Canada. CNA has worked diligently to avoid passing on cost increases; however, this is no longer feasible or realistically sustainable.

Liz Kidd, CNA’s President & CEO, says the college’s tuition and fees have been offered at low, competitive rates since 1999, making it an attractive place for thousands of students annually to pursue a post-secondary education. Several challenges over the past two decades – brought on by continuously increasing operational costs – have necessitated a re-evaluation of CNA’s financial long-term outlook.

“The college has persisted in its goal to deliver the highest quality academic experience for students, while also working hard to shield students from increased costs,” said Kidd. “We have been focused on minimizing the impact on our operations as the cost of doing business continues to rise. Most importantly, we want to ease the burden any direct cost changes will have on our students and continue to ensure an education at CNA is not only accessible, but also affordable.”

She noted: “We don’t take making these changes lightly, because at CNA, serving our students is critical. We are focused on growing our programs, ensuring that we have the most relevant programs that align with industry demand, while also ensuring that we are graduating highly skilled, highly trained people to support the growth of the Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) economy. We are balancing our fiscal realities while also keeping education affordable.”

One significant way CNA wants to provide additional support to its students is through the college’s annual scholarships and bursaries program. Annually, the college awards $500,000 in contributions through this program and has helped on average approximately 500 students, with some having received multiple awards. The college is committed to growing that fund to support students in need.

By minimizing increases as much as possible and ensuring that students continue to receive the best value for their post-secondary investment, NL will continue to benefit from highly skilled, career-ready CNA graduates.

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