CNA launches new tech programs

Industry needs pros in disruptive tech such as analytics, AI

5/29/2024 1:11:52 PM

In recent years, data analytics revolutionized business operations by turning raw data into actionable insights, driving efficiency and strategic decision-making. Now, artificial intelligence (AI) is taking this transformation a step further, disrupting entire industries with its ability to learn, adapt, and automate processes.

As these technologies rapidly evolve, companies urgently need skilled professionals who can harness their power, making expertise in this cutting-edge technology more critical than ever.

“Training students for the jobs of tomorrow is our number one goal,” said Stephen Warren, Dean of Business and IT. “Technology is advancing at a rapid pace, and we need to stay ahead of the disruption and opportunities it presents.”

To meet this growing demand, College of the North Atlantic (CNA) is introducing two unique and challenging technology programs this fall:
  • Data Analytics: This two-semester, post-diploma program is designed for students launching a career in data analytics and professionals looking to upskill or reskill. The program extends beyond theory, offering hands-on experience with tools and technologies used in data manipulation, transformation, modeling, and visualization. Participants will learn to create interactive dashboards, graphs, and visualizations, effectively communicating insights.
  • Bachelor of Applied IT: AI and Machine Learning: Building on CNA’s three-year Software Development (Co-op) diploma, this new fourth year allows students to earn an applied degree specializing in AI and machine learning. Students will gain hands-on experience addressing real-world problems using these technologies.
“These programs are rigorous because the careers they prepare students for are demanding,” Warren explained. “Working in AI, ML, or data analytics requires a unique skill set, including a deep understanding of logic, algorithms, and data transformation. Our programs will equip students for these high-demand occupations in tomorrow’s economy.”

Arun Rameshbabu, Principal Software Engineer at Dell Technologies, shares this sentiment.

“At the intersection of technology and the future, the AI degree program prepares students for the challenges of tomorrow,” he said. “This is a degree that combines theory, practical applications with the skills to drive progress and change the world, paving the way for ground-breaking innovations, enabling students to be leaders in this era of AI.”

For more information about the Data Analytics program, visit Data Analytics-College of the North Atlantic (

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