Industrial Engineering Technology (Co-op)

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  • School of Engineering Technology
  • Program Length: 40 Months
  • Start Date: September 2019

The strength of the Industrial Engineering Technology (Co-op) program is that it provides skills that apply to such a wide range of industries and sectors. Graduates have strong technical abilities blended with business management expertise and superior people skills. They will able to analyze diverse industrial operations using industrial engineering principles. They will work on plans and designs to find the optimal combination of productivity, quality and safety. They will often use their strong troubleshooting skills to tackle on-the-job problems. Quality assurance and ‘lean manufacturing’ will be among the watchwords in their careers. In a world of specialization, there is still an ongoing need for generalists who can face challenges arising from a variety of sources because that’s what happens in the real world of getting things done and made.

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