Co-operative Education

"Co-operative Education combines academic study with alternating work terms. The employment is a practical application directed towards the students’ academic course of study. The Co-operative education student is paid for their work experience, which is supervised by both the employer and the Co-operative education institution. (CAFCE)"

Co-operative Education is a program that integrates work experience and academic studies related to a student's major. A partnership between the college, the students and the employer provides an opportunity for the students to apply the knowledge they have gained in the classroom to the reality of the workplace.

It is a flexible program that allows employers from business and industry, human services and government to participate in the education and development of our future professional workforce. Employers are able to meet staffing demands with bright, energetic students.

Students are provided the opportunity to gain insight into their chosen career while allowing employers to have necessary work completed. The college benefits through the important feedback from employers regarding its instruction, curriculum and programs.

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