CNA Global

CNA Global

College of the North Atlantic’s international presence, CNA Global, is a brand that spans over 20 years and 20 countries around the globe. CNA Global, in its simplest terms, impacts the economic and social fabric of a country by leveraging our teaching, learning and curriculum to create enhanced capacity in education.

The leadership provided through CNA Global has assisted foreign institutions and governments to develop their educational and curriculum needs so they may build and support growth in their economies. This educational capacity building helps strengthen the college’s brand, provides real world experience for our students and faculty, and recognizes Newfoundland and Labrador’s role as global citizens.

Our international training initiatives have included partnerships in countries such as Antigua, Argentina, Barbados, Gaza/West Bank, Guyana, India, Jamaica, Jordan, Latvia, Libya, Lithuania, Malaysia, Pakistan, Peru, Qatar, Russia, Tanzania, Thailand, Vietnam, Yemen among others.

Specifically, our relationship in the State of Qatar is one that is of interest to most. Over two decades ago, Qatar’s government embarked on a new vision to enhance the employability of Qatari nationals, and to make gains toward building a knowledge-based society. CNA Global has been a part of this vision for more than 20 years. The establishment of this partnership, through the creation of CNA-Qatar, was a great human experience.

At first glance, two vastly different cultures found common ground, developed, and built a shared vision, shared values, and a solid relationship together that included joint oversight. The entire project was an equal partnership with trust, integrity, and friendship as the key building blocks.

The breadth and depth of our nationally and internationally recognized programming is unparalleled. We continually monitor industry needs to offer programs that are timely and relevant. As a result, people from throughout the world are coming to us for their educational and training needs. And College of the North Atlantic delivers.