CR2970 - Capstone Project

The Computer Support and Networking program provides the student with a broad knowledge base in the design, implementation and support of modern computer network infrastructures. The Capstone Project is a culminating, performance-based assessment that incorporates major disciplines of the program and focuses on critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork, research skills, oral communication and literacy.
Working in a team and under the supervision of a faculty member the student will perform an in-depth analysis of a given computer systems infrastructure and develop a design or re-design plan that meets the goals identified in the analysis.  The student will develop a document that incorporates a complete network design configuration and present his/her findings. 
Projects will be selected in consultation with a faculty member and may include an industry partner.

Prerequisite(s): CP2730, CP1332, CR2901, CP1925, CR2511, CR2241, CR3455

This course is offered in the following programs:
Computer Systems and Networking