EL1360 - Introduction to Anthropology

This course is an introduction to the field of social and cultural anthropology. Taking a cross-cultural approach to the study of society and culture, the focus of this course will be on the global issues of ecology, technology, economy, politics, kinship and ideology. This course will also examine linguistic anthropology, but the emphasis will be on how we use language for human communication rather than on formal linguistics. We will consider how human societies go about solving some of the fundamental problems of human existence. How do we make a living? What forms of social organizations do we take part in and why? How do we think about the universe and our place in it? We will compare some of the social and cultural systems we have in our society with those found in other societies. In this manner we can hope to learn valuable lessons about how people from other cultures attempt to solve existential problems and at the same time see our own social and cultural formations in a new and more critical light.  Transferable to MUN Anthropology 1031.

This course is offered in the following programs:
Comprehensive Arts & Science (CAS) Transfer: College-University