EN1110 - Soil Fundamentals

 This is an introductory course in soil science and hydrogeology designed specifically for the Environmental Engineering Technologist. This course exposes the students to the basic concepts of soil science, soil sampling and analysis, and soil classification. Students learn about soil types, soil properties, soil classification, and standard tests and procedures used to evaluate soil properties. Students learn how to conduct site and subsurface investigations through introductory concepts of hydrogeology where they learn to measure and calculate hydraulic conductivity, soil permeability, bore hole sampling, and elements of erosion control encompassing Darcy's Law. Emphasis is placed on an understanding of the occurrence and movement of groundwater in a variety of geologic settings and the effect of human activity on that movement. Other topics include types of aquifers, properties of porous media, groundwater flow, and pump testing of aquifers. The laboratory component of the course explores soil testing methods and analytical problems related to lecture topics.

This course is offered in the following programs:
Environmental Engineering Technology (Co-op)
Environmental Engineering Technology - Advanced Diploma