ET2150 - Advanced Circuit Analysis

In this course, learners will review techniques of differential equations, first order and second order:  integral combinations; growth and decay problems; the analysis and solution of source free RL and RC circuits; driven RL and RC circuits using differential integral calculus; sinusoidal analysis; the concept of phasors, and steady state response.  The learner will learn mathematical techniques and apply these to the concepts to analyze and solve differential equations.

Topics include waveform analysis and synthesis, time domain analysis, solution of differential equations using LaPlace transforms, application of LaPlace transforms to solve electric circuits, and derivation of transfer functions. In addition, the following topics will be covered in this course:  Fourier expansion of periodic function, even and odd, Fourier analysis of waveforms and their application to electrical signals, and impulse response.

Prerequisite(s): MA2100, ET1151 or MP2140

This course is offered in the following programs:
Electronics Engineering Technology (Biomedical)