FW1600 - Field Placement I

During field placement, students begin to link theory to practice. Students will participate in seminars to learn basic knowledge and skills necessary for a successful placement experience, and spend a block of time at a field placement site. In this first supervised placement, the focus will be on students becoming familiar with the role of the early childhood educator and the program itself. Students will practice interacting and responding in positive ways to children, and engage in developmentally appropriate play with individual and small groups of children. Please note that time will be spent in the College's demonstration child care centre as part of the series of block placements. Opportunities to work with a variety of age groups across the series of field placement courses will be provided where possible.

Prerequisite(s): Valid First Aid Certificate

Corequisite(s): EE1180, EE1340, EE1290, EE1420, FH1340

This course is offered in the following programs:
Early Childhood Education