FW1711 - Supervised Field Placement Experience II

This course is the second of four supervised field placement experience courses. It is an integral part of the total curriculum allowing students to build on experiences gained from FW1710 while providing students the opportunity to apply knowledge and training gained from winter semester.  As well, students will be prepared for placements based on standards acceptable to the industry.  Course instructor will assess students throughout the semester and place accordingly in a variety of approved settings to display leadership qualities and work independently using skills acquired from the semester which constitutes a basic preparation for a wide range of professional practices.  Students will review previous placement experiences, types of placement and placement documentation issues and concerns. The instructor supervises and evaluates the student’s progress in conjunction with a field supervisor (who is normally an employee in the placement agency).

Prerequisite(s): FW1710, RS1280, RS1100, Valid First Aid/CPR Certificate, Valid Certificate of Conduct, Updated Immunization Record.

Corequisite(s): RS1250, RS1450

This course is offered in the following programs:
Community Recreation Leadership