GS3410 - Spatial Database Applications

Evidence in the past two decades has shown that traditional GIS database design procedures are sound and do not need change drastically with the migration of GIS data management toward object based designs and DBMS applications. While object oriented and DBMS design tools are useful when used appropriately, they are not enough for GIS database design. Currently, the object paradigm is recognized as a better way of building and managing databases. At the same time, the relational data model has shown strengths in many aspects of database design, such as the simplicity of its data organization and conceptual model. To take advantage of the benefits of both models, database management system designers have come up with the Object-Relational model whereby relational database tables can be built using objects. This course will teach participants how to take advantage of this new database development model in the design and management of spatial databases. The course will be based on Oracle and ESRI Geodatabase Object-Relational models.

Prerequisite(s): GS1310

This course is offered in the following programs:
GIS Applications Specialist (Post Diploma)