HN3110 - Current Topics in Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations

This learner-led seminar-based course will examine issues, topics and trends in the area of human resource management and industrial relations that are of recent and current concern to human resource professionals today. Students will research, develop and present a seminar/paper on selected issues/topics/trends from among the following areas explored in this course: the field/practice of human resource management; the filed/practice of industrial relations; recruitment and selection; occupational health and safety; employment and labor law; collective agreement administration; attendance and disability management; compensation and benefits; human resource planning; and dispute resolution. In addition students will have the opportunity to research and critique a current journal article.

Prerequisite(s): HN1100, HN1400, HN2100, HN2130, HN2140, HN2200

Corequisite(s): HN2110, HN2210

This course is offered in the following programs:
Business Management (Human Resource Management)