JL1841 - Newsroom II

Newsroom II is primarily a practical course in which students apply the journalistic principles they have learned in theory. Students will put into practice storytelling using various platforms such as print, broadcast and the Internet. The course seeks to mirror as closely as possible a newsroom setting, complete with story meetings, assignments and tight deadlines which are reinforced. The students help produce a website, a provincial magazine, a weekly radio show and various video projects. Emphasis is placed on establishing good journalistic habits such as meeting tight deadlines and meeting editors’ expectations. Students are expected to apply the principles they have learned/are learning in Reporting & News Writing I, II, and III, Photojournalism I and II and Video and Audio Storytelling to produce news stories in accordance with the modern 24-hour news cycle.

Prerequisite(s): JL1840

Corequisite(s): JL2120, JL1170

This course is offered in the following programs: