PA1415 - Interagency Relations

This course focuses on interagency relations in field operations. In this regard, learners will develop an understanding of the responsibility of the paramedic in interacting with police, fire, air transport teams, rescue specialists, and experts in managing dangerous goods incidents. Learners will study the special considerations to be given when paramedics are involved with patients being transferred to or from air medical transport, including the practical skills of packaging a patient in preparation for transfer to air transport. Learners will participate in a practical workshop to learn about the safety issues related to providing patient care while extrication tools are being used. Finally, learners will study the responsibilities of the paramedic at crime scenes and accident scenes, and their role in collaborating with law enforcement agents.

Prerequisite(s): Semester 1-3 courses

Corequisite(s): PA2000

This course is offered in the following programs:
Primary Care Paramedicine