PH1120 - Introductory Physics I

Transferable to MUN Physics 1020. This is an introductory course designed to extend student's knowledge and understanding of the basic concepts, principles and applications of Mechanics. Physics I is a college credit course which may be used as a transfer credit in Physics in a Memorial University degree program. Topics covered include kinematics in one and two dimensions, vectors, dynamics, equilibrium, work and energy, and linear momentum.

Prerequisite(s): High School Level III Academic Mathematics with a minimum mark of 70%, or a pass in Advanced Mathematics; or College MA1104 (or MUN Mathematics 1090). MA1104 (MUN Mathematics 1090) may6 be taken concurrently

Corequisite(s): MA1104 (MUN Mathematics 1090) may be taken concurrently

This course is offered in the following programs:
Comprehensive Arts & Science (CAS) Transfer: College-University
Medical Laboratory Sciences
Medical Radiography