PH1130 - Physics I

Transferable to MUN Physics 1050. This course is a calculus-based introduction to mechanics. The course emphasizes problem solving. One goal is to extend students' knowledge and understanding of the basic concepts, principles and applications of mechanics, which underlies so much of science. An equally important goal, however, is to develop methods of learning and problem solving which will be of value in whatever endeavors they ultimately choose to pursue. Physics I is a college course which may be used as a transfer credit course in Physics in a Memorial University degree program. Topics covered include Measurement, Kinematics in one and two Dimensions, Vectors, Laws of Motion, Application of Newton's Laws, Work and Energy, Momentum, and Static Equilibrium.

Prerequisite(s): Completion of Physics 2204 and Physics 3204 in high school and enrolment in Mathematics 1130 (MUN Mathematics 1000) concurrently.

Corequisite(s): Mathematics 1130 (MUN Mathematics 1000), which may be taken concurrently.

This course is offered in the following programs:
Comprehensive Arts & Science (CAS) Transfer: College-University