PR2460 - Comprehensive Project

The comprehensive project course enables students to demonstrate the application of knowledge and skills developed throughout their program of studies. Students taking this course will work in teams on a project, under the supervision of a faculty supervisor, and will perform the following: 1) an in-depth analysis of a problem; 2) a design and implementation of the problem solution; and 3) full documentation and a presentation of their solution. This project can be one from industry or one assigned by the College. If it is an industry-driven project, prior faculty approval must be provided to ensure it meets the scope, depth and focus required to meet the course outcomes.

Prerequisite(s): CP1950, one of CP4411, CP4260, one of CM2300, CM1401, one of CP2560, CP2130, CP1890

This course is offered in the following programs:
Programmer Analyst (Business) Co-op