WC1701 - Work Term II

The second work term provides learners possessing significant knowledge from the Software Engineering Technology (Co-op) or Computing Systems Engineering Technology (Co-op) programs with the opportunity to contribute to an employer's operation. This work term follows the successful completion of Semester 7. Learners are expected to further develop and expand their knowledge and work-related skills and should be able to accept increased responsibility and challenge in the workplace. In addition, learners are expected to demonstrate an ability to deal with increasingly complex concepts and problems. Learners should conscientiously assess the various opportunities relative to their individual interests. A substantive work report is also to be prepared by the learner demonstrating competence in both technical content and communication skills and submitted to the Co-op Office. This work term must be program relevant, a minimum of 12 weeks in duration, a normal work week of at least 35 hours, remunerated (paid) and evaluated.

Prerequisite(s): Eligibility according to Co-op regulations in current College calendar

This course is offered in the following programs:
Computing Systems Engineering Technology (Co-op)