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Education and Career Planning

counselling services Counselling Services provides assistance with educational and career planning to help you on your road to success.  We can meet with you individually or you can sign up for a group workshop to learn more about:
  • Exploring your interests
  • Researching various career and educational options
  • Identifying potential jobs/employers
  • Creating a résumé and cover letter
  • Preparing for job interviews



Career Planning Process

Using the career planning process, your counsellor can help you decide on a program of study whether you are still in high school, are looking for a career change, or are considering a different program. To get started, you can take a look at the five steps to career planning and the recommended websites under each step.

Please note: If you are not currently registered at CNA, appointments will depend on counsellor availability.

STEP 1: Self-assessment

STEP 2: Career Exploration

STEP 3: Decision-making

STEP 4: Action Plan

STEP 5: Implementation


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