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Please be advised that while we continue to work from home, we are all still available via our email, our usual office phone number, and we have access to voicemail if you wish to leave a message. We are not on campus but are still available to support you!
counselling services Personal, emotional and academic problems are a normal part of student life.  That’s why Counselling Services are available to support all registered CNA students in coping with these challenges.  We offer a variety of services to help you:

  • Individual counselling sessions in a private, supportive and confidential environment
  • Crisis intervention and crisis management
  • Sessions and workshops to help you develop the necessary skills to succeed at CNA (E.g. study skills, time management skills, etc.)
  • Workshops and awareness campaigns to promote overall wellness (E.g. mental health awareness, stress management, mindfulness, etc.)
For more information, contact us today.  We look forward to helping you have the best College experience possible! 

In Crisis?

In crisis? Feeling unsafe? Worried you might hurt yourself or others?

  • Contact someone you trust
  • Go to the nearest hospital
  • Call 911
  • Call a crisis line:
    • Mental Health Crisis Line 1-888-737-4668 or  CLICK HERE to view the Service Directory.
    • Crisis Text Line: Text “Talk” to 686868
    • Kids Help phone 1-800-668-6868
    • THANL (Transition House)  has a shelter in your region with an emergency crisis line: CLICK HERE to find a shelter near you.
    • Sexual Assault Crisis Line 1-800-726-2743


Why seek help?

When should I seek counselling?

How do I make an appointment?

How long does it take to get an appointment?

Is counselling confidential?

How much does it cost?

How many sessions will I get?

What are my Responsibilities?

What should I do if I am in crisis?



Meet The Team

Some positions cover multiple campuses. Those campuses are:
  • Burin - Also covers Placentia
  • Corner Brook - Also covers St. Anthony
  • Ridge Road - Also covers Seal Cove
Bay St. George Campus
pointer Allison Lomond | Guidance Counsellor  | 709/643-7733  |
pointer Nadine Humber | Guidance Counsellor  | 709/643-7816  |

Bonavista Campus
pointer David Alcock | Guidance Counsellor  | 709/468-1725  |

Burin Campus
pointer Craig Wells | Guidance Counsellor  | 709/891-5623  |

Carbonear Campus
pointer Sandy Maher | Guidance Counsellor  | 709/596-8926  |

Clarenville Campus
pointer Frank Williams | Guidance Counsellor  | 709/466-6902  |

Corner Brook Campus
pointer Colleen Barnes | Guidance Counsellor  | 709/637-8586  |
pointer Michelle Legge-Owen | Guidance Counsellor  | 709/637-8527  |

Gander Campus
pointer Julia McDonald | Guidance Counsellor  | 709/651-4842  |

Grand Falls - Windsor Campus
pointer Bertha Tobin | Guidance Counsellor  | 709/292-5624  |

Happy Valley-Goose Bay Campus
pointer Lesley Tucker | Guidance Counsellor  | 709/896-6306  |

Labrador West Campus
pointer Pamela Meaney-Pieroway | Guidance Counsellor  | 709/944-4189  |

Port aux Basques Campus
pointer Jeffrey Patry | Guidance Counsellor  | 709/695-4034  |

Prince Philip Drive Campus
pointer Sharon Veley | Guidance Counsellor  | 709/758-7578  |
pointer Tara Thomas | Guidance Counsellor  | 709/758-7314  |
pointer Ted Power | Guidance Counsellor  | 709/758-7368  |

Ridge Road Campus
pointer John Edwards | Guidance Counsellor  | 709/758-7035  |

Distributed Learning (Online)
pointer  Suzanne Keeping | Guidance Counsellor | 1.877.465.2250 – Option 1 |

Some positions cover multiple campuses. Those campuses are:
  • Burin - Also covers Placentia
  • Corner Brook - Also covers St. Anthony
  • Ridge Road - Also covers Seal Cove