Course Evaluations

office-of-irp Course Evaluations are used to solicit feedback from students on various aspects of their courses taken during a semester of their studies.  As part of this questionnaire, students are asked questions pertaining to their experience in their learning environment.  This feedback is then used to;
  • provide constructive feedback to instructors to help improve and enhance teaching skills
  • improve course delivery and material
  • guide program reviews and accreditation efforts
  • alert administration to potential issues in the classroom
To begin evaluating your classes, please check your CNA email on the launch day OR login directly during launch to the course evaluation portal using your CNA username and password.  Each evaluation should take approximately 5 to 7 minutes.  Your name will also be anonymous to college administration and instructors, so here is your chance to have your voice heard!
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What is a course evaluation?

Why are course evaluations so important?

What does the Course Evaluation Questionnaire look like?

Are the Course Evaluation Questionnaires the same for all programs?

Where will the Course Evaluation Questionnaire be located?

Can the Course Evaluations be completed on a mobile device?

When can we start completing the evaluations?

Will it affect final grades?

How secure are the responses?

Who will see the results?

How will the results be used?

Are online course evaluation results valid and reliable?

What to do in case of technological difficulties?

Who to contact if there are more questions?

Any questions or access issues can be shared to a member of the Institutional Research & Planning (IRP) team by emailing .